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January was a decent month for games: DmC and Ni No Kuni both landed with sizable critical acclaim, but other than those two, the month was bare. It was a good time to catch up on your backlog or even take a break for a bit, maybe read a book or two to pass the time. Two great games in one month is probably ideal.

Well, no more of that. February is here and it’s not “ideal”: it’s here to kick some ass. There is about a half-dozen worthy titles dropping during the shortest month of the year (and my birth month) and while the quality of a few may be in question, there is no doubt that us gamers will have a nice buffet of gaming goodness to sample from this month. Shall we take a look at the menu?

Most Anticipated February Release

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If you loved XCOM, Fire Emblem is just as hardcore with permadeath and tactical goodness but with a fantasy setting for a nice change of pace. For the horror fans, the Dead Space trilogy wraps up this month. I am a huge fan of the series and I will be partaking in that and I know Mitch is on board as well. Sly Cooper was one of the best platforming series I have ever played and while I definitely want to play this new entry, I probably won’t get it right away. Aliens is intriguing, but that one will require some stellar reviews to get my $60. I have no interest in Crysis 3, but Mitch already has it pre-ordered and he partook in the beta recently. Metal Gear Rising, from the Bayonetta team, has some potential for insanity and unintentional hilarity, but that one also will be a wait for reviews game. Finally, Etrian Odyssey is a series I have longed to try and from what I have read, this new entry might be the perfect one to start with.

In the end, my vote goes to Dead Space 3. Gotta kill them necromorphs. What say you?

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6 thoughts on “Pixel Count: Most Anticipated February Release”

  1. Um… Dead Space 3 or Crysis 3, I guess, despite the fact that I probably won’t pick either up for quite a while.

  2. Dead Space 3, although is it bad that I’m considering not getting it because of the achievements? I 100%’d the last two, but this one requires you to beat it on 3 different difficulty settings and one with a co-op partner. If I decide not to get it I’ll pick it up for the PS3 or something once it goes on sale.

  3. I keep hearing some incredible things about Fire Emblem. I’d really like to see more of it, even though I’ve never played a single Fire Emblem game.

  4. Crysis 3, mainly because I want to vicariously play it through maxed-out 1080p videos on YouTube. That game is purty.

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