GamerSushi Game Night: Counter-Strike GO


If you’ve missed the good word, we’ve had ourselves quite a bit of fun on the GamerSushi Twitch TV channel in the last couple of weeks. Between Borderlands, Sleeping Dogs and Hotline Miami, we’ve been hanging out and enjoying some good times playing games.

Well, something that came out of those sessions was the idea for a GamerSushi Community Game Night. Site user KillKill was gracious enough to grab a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server for us Sushians to partake in a night of competitive leet skills.

So, if you’re interested in joining us sometime this weekend, here’s how to participate: in the comments, leave 1) your Steam ID and 2) whether Saturday night or Sunday night (after the Super Bowl of course) would be better. We can’t guarantee that everyone will get a spot, or if we’ll have a ton of people on short notice, but we figured this was long overdue. Hit us up in the comments!

Update: We’ll be playing tonight, post Super Bowl, around 10pm CST, or shortly thereafter if the game’s not quite over. If you can’t make it, no worries — I’m sure we’ll be in and out of the server for quite a bit over the coming weeks. For now, join the GamerSushi Steam Group so you can keep apprised of when we’re all in game.

Update 2: We’re playing. Server is here:

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30 thoughts on “GamerSushi Game Night: Counter-Strike GO”

  1. 1-killklli
    2-I feel the best time would be saturday at our regular stream time. But anytime after like 10est and anytime on sunday would be good.
    I hope i can get a spot in the server!

  2. I’d like to play with you guys, but I don’t know if I’ll be awake at the time. The Super Bowl is at 6:30 pm ET right? So 11:30 pm GMT if I’m not mistaken. Yeah, I’m european. My ping would be above 100ms so you probably should pick another person.

    I’ll leave my info anyway if an extra player is needed.

    – FLS (Iā€™m in the GamerSushi group).

    1. I probably won’t be home until 10/11ish tonight and might have to be up early tomorrow, so I’ve updated the post with a tentative time of tomorrow, post Super Bowl. Join the GS group and we can update it when we’re playing, so everyone can hop right in.

  3. I am the worst at CS and won’t be playing, but you should add me on Steam. I’m ipsographic there for some reason that I no longer remember.

  4. Unless we attempt to switch the gamemodes, or for some reason due to people from such long distances are unable to handle it ping wise (in what I doubt) we have a 32 slot server. Now im not sure how that will work out map wise due to the fact that I had to enable an override to get it to be more than 20 slots. But everything should work fine as long as we dont mess with the gamemodes right off the bat. We can leave gungame for another night possibly.

  5. @Killklli – I think what would work best is standard team deathmatch (Classic Casual) with all talk enabled so everyone is free to speak to both teams dead or alive. Basically opens it up to being a chat room where we can also shoot at each other, rather than anyone really trying that hard on a team by team basis. 32 Slots will work for all of the standard maps available [as in NOT demolition or arms race].

  6. I probably won’t be able to play due to the time difference (Super Bowl coverage starts at 11pm here) but I will join the group. I’m TinMan.

  7. @Julez thats what I already have it set up as. I expected 32 slots to work but I was not sure about the gungame thing. But whatever, I wouldent expect a huge following for that.

  8. Updated with the time tonight. We’ll be aiming for 10pm CST. If the Super Bowl’s not quite done and by some miracle seems super interesting, it might be a few minutes after. Can’t wait to hang with you guys.

  9. Damn, I ended up missing out :/. I had to bring the special lady in my life home, and lo and behold, it was snowing pretty bad, so it was a slow trek there and back. I guess I’ll just have to lookout for next time. I hope that everybody had a blast though! Keep on gaming, Sushians šŸ˜€

  10. This was a blast, dudes! We had a 9 v 8 game going at one point. Thanks to KillKlli, we’ve got a dedicated GS server to play around with. It sounds like our next game night might be good ol’ fashioned TF2.

  11. @Eddy, TF2 you say? That one I definitely won’t miss out on then, I always hop on TF2 at different points during the day. Looking forward to that one!

  12. If KillKlli can get the server set up for Arms Race, I’m 100% on board. I spent the majority of my time in CS:S playing Gun Game, and most of my time on CS:GO playing Arms Race.

  13. @trogador, that’d be awesome, considering I can’t count exactly how many hours I sunk into Gun Game on CS:S. I used to play it with a buddy of mine in high school, with Steam installed on his iPod. We’d pass it back and forth to each other between classes that involved computer work and just play CS the whole hour.

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