This Week’s Trailers: Bioshock Infinite and Elder Scrolls Online

For Stop the Presses Thursday, the biggest pieces of gaming news to drop this week happened to come in the form of two trailers.

Bioshock Infinite, coming in March, is a game that I can’t quite seem to peg. It’s well documented that the original Bioshock didn’t quite grab me the way it grabbed everyone else, even though I was appreciative of its dark atmosphere and its art design. Meanwhile, Infinite’s city in the sky, Columbia, is almost the opposite of Rapture in terms of its look and feel, even if its dark underbelly is similar in theme.

This newest Infinite trailer highlights the secrets of Columbia, and gives us a bit more info about the story. This game is tempting me something fierce, guys.

The second trailer is for Bethesda’s MMO of the popular Elder Scrolls series, with the inspiring title of Elder Scrolls Online. I’m not a big fan of pre-rendered trailers — we’ve all sen the debacles created by the Dead Island and The Old Republic trailers — but it’s hard not to love a fantasy action sequence with a pretty cool set piece.

Despite all that, I have a feeling that Elder Scrolls Online is going to be a bit of a snoozer, another game attempting after all these years to unseat WoW that still has no idea how to do that in this day and age. And while the Elder Scrolls games play like single player MMOs, something tells me that the online entry is going to lose something special in its world that draws players in with the series proper.

So what do you guys think of these two trailers? Am I wrong about the Bioshock series? Should I be more open to the Elder Scrolls Online? Go!

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7 thoughts on “This Week’s Trailers: Bioshock Infinite and Elder Scrolls Online”

  1. Im not really sure If I am going to jump on the Elder Scrolls MMO but I am going to pre order the heck outa bioshock.

  2. I’m with you on Bioshock. The shooting in Infinite so far doesn’t look any better than it did in Bioshock, so I’m holding my money til someone I trust gives it a review.

    I signed up for the Beta for Elder Scrolls Online, but I doubt I’d actually pay for it come release. I’m just not an MMO guy.

  3. I’m glad they changed her outfit for Bioshock. Their long explanations into how much time they spent making her into a real character seemed ridiculous when every pose she struck seemed designed only to show off her cleavage-heavy corset.

  4. I have skipped the Bioshock trailer and everyone’s comments just so that I remain pure! I’m going in as blind as possible with Bioshock Infinite.

  5. @Conneryk Actually Ken Levine explained on his twitter today that Elizabeth changes outfits during the game.

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