Sim City and the Nature of Addiction

Sim City

To continue our theme of What We’re Playing Monday, I thought I’d take us on a dismal tour of my future, one in which I gain 100 pounds, lose my job and become a hermit that only plays Sim City.

OK, so maybe the future isn’t set in stone yet, but seeing as how much I enjoyed my time in the closed beta this weekend, there’s certainly some kind of dark timeline where all of this takes place. Although, considering how much fun the game is, maybe it’s not necessarily a dark time line after all?

But I digress. I don’t have many in-depth thoughts on my time with Sim City, but I will say that it’s one of those rare games that transports you. You know the kind. You blink and suddenly an hour has gone by. Which is sad, really, because an hour is all the time that EA has allotted for the beta. But in that hour, I constructed Trollington, a not-so-sprawling metropolis that had lots of low income housing until I figured out that I needed to build some parks.

From what I can gather in such a limited sitting, the newest Sim City is an amazing update to a classic franchise. I think the most impressive two parts of the game are the art style and the UI. The two combine to form one of the more gorgeous and fun settings I’ve seen in awhile. Your city completely comes to life, and the UI lets you change between data maps in a way that shows you all the information without bogging you down.

But I could sit here and rant about this game all night, or I could go spend some more time in the closed beta. That dark timeline’s not going to write itself after all.

Who here is planning on picking up Sim City when it comes out? Did anyone participate in the beta? And what’s the last time you’ve gotten so helplessly sucked into a game? Go!

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5 thoughts on “Sim City and the Nature of Addiction”

  1. I’m very interested in the game, though I’ll probably wait a while before getting it. It looks like a ton of fun.

  2. I’m quite excited to pick this up actually. From the moment I watched that ten minute demo that you guys posted awhile ago, I knew this game was going to steal hours of my time. It just looks so intuitive and fun in a way that only Sim City can do.

  3. I’m afraid of this game like I am MMOs. I pretend I don’t see the appeal and turn my back to it for fear of losing hundreds of hours. The countless hours of building essentially nothing in Minecraft is proof enough.

  4. @Julez, I feel ya there, man. Minecraft kind of got me, but I’ve been rather good about how much time I’ve invested into it. I only play about an hour or two, progressing further towards crafting something or getting something. When I was younger, I used to sink countless hours into Garry’s Mod building random contraptions. That game is the biggest time suck imaginable

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