Bringing Back Space Combat with Strike Suit Zero

strike suit zero

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I grew up playing the old X-Wing game for the PC and it’s been sad for me to see that genre fall out of favor with gamers at large. True, that game was perhaps a little too complicated, but even simple space combat games have been few and far between the last couple of years.

Born Ready Games, with a Kickstarter backing, has decided to reboot the space combat genre and bring us Strike Suit Zero, a game for the PC that has not only spaceship dog-fighting but also lets you pilot a kick-ass mecha. Yes, you read that right: about an hour and a bit into the game, you get access to a Strike Suit, a prototype fighter that has the secondary function of transforming into a giant robot.

The controls for the game a pretty straightforward: as a fighter you get plasma cannons, a machine gun and a variety of missiles. Using the machine gun to strip the shields of enemy fighters and finishing them off with your plasma cannons keeps your fingers busy and doesn’t make you reliant on one weapon as the plasma guns tend to drain fast, especially when they’re linked. Once you get the Strike Suit, a simple tap of a button (or key, but I really recommend playing with a controller) turns your snubfighter into a death-dealing, missile spewing machine.

Flying the Strike Suit in robot mode requires Flux, which you gain by destroying enemy ships. Much like your plasma reserves in fighter mode, this drains fast, so swapping quickly between fighter and robot mode is the key. While in strike mode, you can lock on to a multitude of targets meaning that taking out groups of fighters, or those blasted torpedoes, with a flurry of missiles is accomplished in one fell swoop.

As fun as it is to blow enemy ships apart with a barrage of missiles, Strike Suit Zero does have a couple problems. It’s brutally difficult and I would appreciate a hit marker to tell me exactly where I’m getting shot from so I can evade properly. As far as I can tell, the game doesn’t save during missions at all, meaning that you have to beat each chapter in one go. It does take you out to a chapter select screen from there, but I had to repeat the first mission because of this. I could be wrong, but I haven’t seen a save icon pop up yet.

Still, I’m having fun with Strike Suit Zero and it’s 20% off on Steam right now. Has anyone else been playing this? Has your interest been piqued?

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2 thoughts on “Bringing Back Space Combat with Strike Suit Zero”

  1. I like the concept I will most likely get it, the space genre has also been left out a bit. Its games like this and the Upcoming Star Citizen game that really gets me going. Also you have a typo. “20$ off on Steam” its actually “20% off on Steam ” not dollars 😛

  2. This game sounds super cool, I might have to pick it up…

    I mean what’s one more game in the ol’ back-catalog. ::sigh::

    On a different note, I think I’m going to start Hotline Miami this week.

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