Dead Space 3’s Workbench Will Have Microtransactions

dead space 3 microstransactions

Dead Space 3 will be hitting our screens very soon, but some news about the game dropped this week that may sour your anticipation. According to Eurogamer, Dead Space 3’s new workbench, where you can custom-make your weaponry, will include a microtransaction store for buying some additional resources.

While players will still be able to scavenge the materials for themselves or use scavenger bots to gather crafting resources in-game, real-world money can always be used to circumvent the collection process. This doesn’t mean that eager players can drop a ton of cash at the beginning of the game and get all the top-tier weaponry; they still have to wait for those guns to be unlocked as part of the narrative progression.

Even though this is the first instance of microtransactions in Dead Space, giving quick boosts for cash is nothing new in EA titles. Mass Effect 3 had this, as did Battlefield 3 and I wouldn’t be surprised if SimCity has something similar. What do you guys think about this? Is this a harmless addition for those of us flush with cash but strapped for time? Is it a foul on EA’s part to try and get their mitts into your wallet after you’ve already bought the game?

Source – Eurogamer

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5 thoughts on “Dead Space 3’s Workbench Will Have Microtransactions”

  1. It doesn’t bother me because it doesn’t force me to buy it, but I know I’ll be in the minority in that thought.

  2. Because it’s happening in a single player environment, there is no “pay to win” consequence. If some lazy dude wants to spend some extra money and finish the game a little quicker, by all means go for it.

  3. Dead Space has had microtransactions since the first game. You could buy slightly more powerful versions of weapons for really low prices. It’s because of this I’m not worried. Dead Space has not been ruined by micros before, so why would it make any difference now if they’re changing it slightly? 🙂

  4. Did the first two Dead Space games have an in-game store, though? I seem to remember being able to buy suits and junk through the XBL Marketplace.

    If it’s in-game it’s microtransactions but if it’s handled by an outside party then it’s DLC?

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