The Wikipedia of Retro Games: Hardcore Gaming 101

Hardcore Gaming 101

Welcome to Did You See This Wednesday! As part of the GamerSushi Schedule, it is my duty to bring you cool stuff that you might have missed while you were looking at pictures of Grumpy Cat. And if you have any new ones, send them to me.

Today, we aren’t bringing you an article, we are showcasing an entire website, one that I have spent way too many hours on: Hardcore Gaming 101. HG101, as we like to call it, is a site devoted to educating people about retro games and also maybe getting them interested in something they might not even know about. The site is exhaustively well-researched, with tons of screenshots, artwork and information. I have described it as “The Wikipedia of Retro Games” and I think that is an accurate description. On top of that, it’s pretty hilarious to read as well. Just take a look at this description of why Edward from Final Fantasy IV would never work in a modern FF game:

“Because he sucks. Although — I could totally see a Tetsuya Nomura revamp that has Edward dressing like a Japanese glam rocker and fighting with a magical guitar, and it scares the hell out of me.”

The site is also chock-full of information about all kinds of games, from obscurities like Segaga, Another Century’s Episode and Simon The Sorcerer to more mainstream titles like Final Fantasy, Eternal Champions and Shadowrun. They also have lots of information about the games in other media, such as movies and animes. Did you know there was an anime based on Final Fantasy V? There was and you are better off not knowing it exists, believe me. *shudder*

I’ve linked to the main site and to a few articles above, but here is the ever-growing list of all the games covered on the site. They update only about once a month, but it is usually a large update and well worth the wait. Be warned though: down this path lies a rabbit-hole from which it is difficult to pull yourself from. Still, do yourself a favor and check it out and then lord it over all your friends with your new-found encyclopedic knowledge of Ninja Princess. That Sega fanboy you know will crap himself and isn’t that what the Internet is all about? Hit the link below and if you want the list of all the games they have covered, go here.

Main Site: Hardcore Gaming 101

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  1. Oh god, as if I need another reason to go on Wikipedia-esque journeys. I used to do that so much in high school with the Half-Life universe. I spent hours reading on how Half Life tied into Portal and vice versa.

  2. Thank god my exams are over, now I can venture down rabbit holes again! Some really cool things in there. I’m tempted to try some new things now. Pathologic seems especially intriguing.

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