FarCry3: Stealth with Style

FarCry 3 Stealth

I love stealth games, but they tend to stress me out. The idea of sneaking around without getting caught always tends to add a pile of burdens on top of me, like the game is judging me if I fail, and will punish me with extra waves of enemies should I find a way of royally fracking things up.

And while most stealth games do a poor job at making stealth just as fun as the shooting counterpart (or throw out a poor attempt at both), FarCry 3 makes sneaking around exciting, challenging and maybe even more fun than mowing down bands of pirates with an assault rifle or rocket launcher. This is mostly accomplished through an excellent skill system that rewards you for stealth kills and chaining takedowns together for some brutal, silent mayhem. It adds a dash of style to a mechanic that is normally slow and methodic, even in a (mostly traditional) first person shooter.

It’s always refreshing to play a new twist on a familiar game mechanic, and FarCry 3 does this in a number of ways. Because of this empowerment, FarCry 3 doesn’t make me nearly as nervous to play in a stealthy manner, and it’s making the game all the more fun for me. I’m not fretting about getting spotted, but rather, given just the right tools to adapt — and have a blast doing it.

How do you guys normally feel about stealthy gameplay mechanics? Do you tend to sneak around or come into a situation guns playing? What are some of your favorite stealth games? Go!

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4 thoughts on “FarCry3: Stealth with Style”

  1. Well, I enjoy the challenge that comes with stealth gameplay but I’m terrible at it a lot of the time. Far Cry 3 had a near perfect balance between stealth mechanics and dealing with consequences. In fact, I may go play it now! I’ve got a few Assassination contracts remaining.

  2. The stealth in Far Cry 3 is a lot like Dishonored: it’s great, but if you get caught, you have the tools to kick some ass if you need to.

    I really enjoyed taking outposts without triggering an alarm. It was so satisfying.

  3. The stealth in FC3 is awesome. Love that you can completely decide how to approach everything, snipe everyone off from a distance, blow the base to shit with rockets, sneak around all stabby stabby.

    I was checking out a base, hid behind a truck, tagging bad guys. Just about to start hurting fools when I heard a familiar noise, something was also stalking me, SHIT, TIGER!!!

  4. I love the stealth in Far Cry 3. It really is satisfying to take a base without any of the enemies being the wiser to your presence. I dunno if I’m the only one who does this but, if I’m trying to take one undetected and they end up finding me, I blow myself up with C4 because I get mad and want to get it undetected, shouting out loud to myself, “No way! I can do better! I’m not letting them win.”

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