Pixel Count: Character Most In Need Of A Muzzle

Peace of mind is hard to come by in the gaming landscape these days. It’s bad enough we have online trolls spewing all manner of filth at us, but in the age of voice acting, we also have to contend with certain characters that just won’t shut the hell up. It can be enough to drive even a straight-edger to drink and the calmest gamer to fling his controller across the room.

In keeping with our newly implemented schedule and using only the latest in high-tech research equipment, we here at the GamerSushi Labs are trying to determine which character should be fitted with a digital muzzle. Will Slippy’s constant need for help be enough to help him win? What about Kenny, who seems to take great pleasure in being an antagonistic hypocrite? Or Kratos, who only has one volume setting and really needs to take a chill pill. And of course, the ever-present Claptrap and the irksome Tiny Tina are prone to make someone scramble for the mute button. Except Jeff. He loves Tiny Tina.

So vote now and hit the comments to let us know who you think should enjoy a nice cup of Shut The Hell Up!

Character Most In Need Of A Muzzle

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12 thoughts on “Pixel Count: Character Most In Need Of A Muzzle”

  1. Totally Kenny. I’m sorry I didn’t get your back THAT ONE TIME you jerk, so quit guilt tripping me about it. How many times have I saved YOUR FAMILY, again? Kenny seriously drove me nuts during Walking Dead. I kept hoping for a moment where I got to choose to kill him, leave him to die, anything.

    And Tiny Tina rules!

  2. Tina. She’s not anywhere near as funny as Claptrap and so does not deserve the same speaking privileges.

  3. Tiny Tina and Claptrap are da bomb!

    I vote for Rosh Penin from Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy or Eric Sparrow from Tony Hawk’s Underground.

  4. I actually quit playing Borderlands because Claptrap annoyed me so much, which kept me from picking up Borderlands 2, so I can’t comment on Tiny Tina. But, I think annoying enough to make me quit a game is more than enough… Definitely Claptrap…

  5. How dare you put my boy, Kenny, on that list among the likes of those characters! For shame, Anthony. And since it was around her missions where I lost interest in the game, I’ll go with Tiny Tina.

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