Sick Tunes: The Soundtrack of Hotline Miami

In keeping with “What We’re Playing” Monday, I thought I’d throw up some examples of Hotline Miami’s phenomenal soundtrack. Part of what makes the 2D shooter so much like crack is the fact that the music so infectious and hypnotic, evoking that iconic 1980s synth sound of a bright but dark Miami. In some ways, the violence of the game coupled with a kicking soundtrack almost makes it feel like Drive: The Game — which isn’t a bad thing at all.

This first track, Miami, by Jasper Byrne, can be found at the end of our most recent podcast.

This next song, Hydrogen, by M.O.O.N. is another one of my favorites on the soundtrack.

So yeah. Imagine kicking the doors down to a night club and taking out all the criminals inside, set to that music. And you’ll have a pretty good idea why Hotline Miami’s soundtrack sticks with you. If you’re interested, you can even check out the whole thing on YouTube. And while you can torrent the soundtrack, you can also find it to stream for free on SoundCloud. However, Steam will be putting it up for sale sometime in the near future.

What video game music has been getting stuck in your head lately? Go!

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  1. In preparation for a small adventure game I’m working on with a friend, I keep coming back to the surreal Limbo soundtrack. A few tracks, namely “Alone,” “Mirage,” “Up and Down,” and “Sister.” It’s mainly drones and ambient stuff, but it’s so thought-provoking and, with the right ammo, emotionally charged.

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