Far Cry 3: Getting Sidetracked

Far Cry 3 Hunting

There are 34 story missions in Far Cry 3. In my over 10 hours of playtime, I have completed 6. Out of 34. So what have I been doing with the rest of my time?

Whatever I want.

Far Cry 3 has brought out a new side of me, one that has no interest in hurrying through the story, but rather would like to take my time, hunt some animals, do some hang gliding and see the sights. Maybe liberate a few outposts or activate some radio towers, which then unlocks even more of the map, which in turn gives me more things to do. It’s a beautiful cycle. I’m going to get back to the story soon, I promise, but for now, I am loving just doing whatever catches my fancy.

Not many games can do this, especially a game that actually has a compelling narrative like Far Cry 3. But something about just getting lose and exploring the island, which is vast, but doesn’t feel overwhelmingly so. There are vehicles that make travel faster, but I usually prefer to hoof it on foot, because when I see a tiger about to pounce on a herd of boar, I want to be get a good angle for all the action. And I also want to be ready with my sniper rifle and take down that tiger and use its shiny coat of fur to craft bigger bags for storage. Everything has a purpose in Far Cry 3.

There are also missions where you have to locate and identify a certain enemy and then kill him with your knife and only your knife. Any of his comrades that are hanging around can die by means you choose, so I have been enjoying experimenting with these quite a bit. Sometimes I will snipe them from afar and then run up to my target and finish him off. Other times I will just make a dash to him, introduce Mr. Target to Mr. Knife and then run like hell. Once I even lured a leopard to them and let him have all the fun. I’m flexible.

Is this something you guys have experienced with Far Cry 3 or with other games of its ilk? Do you prolong the experience by delaying the story missions or do you rush through them and come back for the side stuff? Hit the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Far Cry 3: Getting Sidetracked”

  1. Oh yeah, that’s pretty much how it’s been to me as well. I almost forgot there was a story for a while and just tried creative ways to liberate outposts. On such way involved a the recurve bow, some C4 and perseverance… with hilarious results at the liberation. This really is a fantastic game and I’d go as far to say it’s in my top 5.

  2. I just started this game last night and already I’m a bit giddy by the amount of sidequests appearing on my map. Question, for those that have played it: how difficult does it get? Stealth games tend to stress me out, and the idea of an open world stealth shooter sounds positively exciting and terrifying. Part of me wonders if I’ll enjoy it more if I lower the difficulty a little bit.


  3. @Eddy, it’s actually not too difficult, it’s enough to be challenging but it’s not too extreme it’s easy to stay out of sight and by the time you get the recurve bow stealth will come relatively easy. Also a pro tip is use the rock throwing. Abuse that as much as you can because it helps distract one enemy from the group and gives you enough space to take him down and thin the herd. Silenced weapons work pretty well too

  4. The game doesn’t exactly get easier as you go along, Eddy. But the upgrades to your abilities make the stealth gameplay so much easier to work with. The knife kills become so brutal and frantic, that after a few levels you’ll be doing this: http://youtu.be/XbtA0TIyoI8?t=3m11s

    I’ve left outposts uncleared just to be able to repeat them to attempt to clear them as silently and as stylishly as possible.

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