The GamerSushi Show, Ep 58: PC Master Race

gamersushi show ep 58

Happy New Year, Sushians! Your glorious GamerSushi crew is back from our protracted holiday break, bringing you the first podcast of 2013! I know you’re excited.

Something strange happened to our staff over the break as everyone dipped pretty heavily into the PC gaming inkwell, and as such we talk exclusively about everybody’s favorite gaming machine. True, most of the titles we played were multiplatform, but Jeff does gab for a bit about Hotline Miami.

In addition to that we also spend some time talking about the new Steam Box and the Steam Winter Sale, which ruined more than a few wallets. Since it’s been just over a month since our last cast, here’s a quick refresher on how this goes down: listen to the podcast, rate the podcast, and comment on the podcast.

0:00 – 4:32 Intro
4:33 – 9:51 Sleeping Dogs
9:52 – 25:27 XCOM: Enemy Unknown
25:28 – 34:13 Far Cry 3
34:14 – 36:41 Torchlight 2
36:42 – 43:38 Dishonored
43:49 – 54:33 Spec Ops: The Line
54:34 – 1:00:30 Hotline Miami
1:00:31 – 1:07:13 PC Gaming and the Steam Sale
1:07:14 – 1:15:50 Steam Box
1:15:51 – 1:18:14 The Witcher 2
1:18:15 – 1:21:48 Outro

Written by Twitter: @mi7ch Gamertag: Lubeius PSN ID: Lubeius SteamID: Mister_L Origin/EA:Lube182 Currently Playing: PUBG, Rainbow 6: Siege, Assassin's Creed: Origins, Total War: Warhammer 2

5 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 58: PC Master Race”

  1. I also sniped Sleeping Dogs during the sale, but haven’t played it yet. Very curious about it
    Also can’t wait to try Far Cry 3 =D
    Also got Spec Ops. Haven’t played that yet either…

    All this talk of Dishonored… making me want to play it again. I didn’t really get a Bioshock vibe either. I’ve installed that game so many times and have never finished it, but I devoured Dishonoured. Definitely feel the Half-Life 2 level design.

    Great cast guys.

  2. So glad that another member of the Sushi gang got to play Spec Ops, and I’m glad Eddy liked it so much and saw what Mitch and I have been raving about. I recently shredded through Dishonored (all achievements) and loved the stealth gameplay and the world, however the characters and the story fell really short for me. Far Cry 3 is on my to-buy list, but I still got some Sleeping Dogs to play.

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