GamerSushi Votes 2012: Best Single-Player

Now that we’ve talked about Best Multiplayer/Co-op let’s move on to the next segment of GamerSushi Votes. On the docket today is Best Single-Player, and it’s been a heck of a year for solitary experiences. A couple years back it looked like the single-player experience was on the way out and a good multiplayer portion was the ticket to success, but near the end of this generation we’ve swung back around to games having a really fleshed-out single-player campaign and tacked on multiplayer modes.

It was hard to narrow down the selection of single-player games to vote on, but I think I got a good sample. As usual, if there’s a game you think I missed, feel free to tell us in the comments. Now, vote!

Best Single Player of 2012

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5 thoughts on “GamerSushi Votes 2012: Best Single-Player”

  1. Mass Effect for me, just because I’ve never laughed/cried/rejoiced etc. so much in a video game before. It was a great payoff to nearly five years of hardcore fandom. But there are so many other good ones. The Walking Dead was phenomenal and emotional as well, and I’ve been shouting Spec Op’s single player to anyone who would listen since its release. And then Halo came and knocked it out of the park, making my favorite Halo campaign to date. It was a good year.

  2. I haven’t played Spec Ops yet, and The Walking Dead was mostly good (really didn’t like the last few hours). But I’ve got to give it to Dishonored. Every piece of it was incredible.

  3. Definitely XCOM, not only one the best single-player experiences but one of the best surprises of the year in general.

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