GamerSushi Votes 2012: Best Multiplayer/Co-op

Hello, gaming friends, and welcome back to GamerSushi Votes, our now annual tradition of asking you, the community, what you felt were the stand-out titles of the year.

For the first day of voting, I thought we’d tuck into the best multiplayer of the year, which I’ve expanded to include co-op because I’ve spent more time playing with people rather than against them this year. Mass Effect 3 lead this charge, having a surprisingly strong and deep multiplayer mode that has been repeatidly expanded on and I’m still playing to this day. Add that to plethora of other games that encourage working with your friends, and you have a very strong year for co-op.

So, choose a selection from the list below, or let us know what your favorite multiplayer/co-op of 2012 was in the comments!

Best Multiplayer/Co-op of 2012

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7 thoughts on “GamerSushi Votes 2012: Best Multiplayer/Co-op”

  1. I voted for Mass Effect 3. Four free expansion and a new challenge system with more class cards being added? And it’s fun as hell to boot? Talk about value.

    Please ignore the large bag of money I just received from EA.

  2. Halo 4 took the necessary steps to make Halo multiplayer fresh again, while still feeling like Halo at its core. Also, am I the only one who felt Borderlands got stale about halfway through the game? I have yet to finish yet (or get even close) because I’ve simply gotten bored with it.

  3. I also voted for Mass Effect 3. Even though I haven’t played it in a while, it is something that lingers in my mind.

    I should play it soon!

  4. I voted for Mass Effect 3 as well but I do have Journey and Torchlight 2 unplayed waiting for me so I’m ready for my opinion to change.

    @Drell I agree with you about Borderlands, I haven’t finished it either because I’ve found it slightly boring too.

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