What’s the Deal with The WarZ? Updated

So The WarZ, Hammerpoint Interactive’s zombie survival MMO hit Steam over the past few days, bringing with it a fresh new wave of controversy. While the Steam page for the game has been updated, it originally did not state that the game is still in alpha and was missing a lot of the advertised features such as more than one map and player classes.

It’s really hard to keep up with The WarZ’s current woes, but apparently the newest patch has added an instant respawn button that you need to pay for with real money, lest you want to wait four hours for the cooldown to be over. TotalBiscuit has a gameplay video about The WarZ which is 40 minutes long, if you can actually make it that far.

Frankly the game looks pretty bad, especially given the whole kerfuffle about the game being announced shortly after Day Z’s launch with the developers claiming The WarZ has been in development for five years.

Has anyone played The WarZ? How is it feeling to you so far?

Update: The WarZ is no longer availible for purchase on Steam, and Valve has started a thread for people to air their grievances about the game in light of the developers deleting posts on the game’s Steam forums.

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One thought on “What’s the Deal with The WarZ? Updated”

  1. I think a lot of people who played DayZ probably didn’t already own ARMAII, and so had to buy that game anyway just to try out this new thing spreading like wildfire across the internet. But I think people who know what a mod is often know what to expect, So really I think DayZ players and WarZ players both had (or have) to spend money to experience the Alpha of something. Still I think the author of the video made a good point:

    “It’s not like it’s an advancement on DayZ, far from it as far as I can tell. I’m not the kind of person that believes that any game that imitates another should automatically be called a rip off and basically [be] decried from the rooftops as a terrible thing and literally Hitler; This is not what I believe. I think that gaming is a very iterative marketplace. I feel that the technology behind gaming and just the medium and the art in general is entirely based on building on the success of other people and that’s where some of the greatest games came from.”

    I think developers have seen the success of games like Minecraft and thought “let’s give the players early access and develop the game around their experiences”. I think DayZ/WarZ is proof that the model doesn’t necessarily work in all cases. An MMO being available to people in alpha is totally different than a discovery tool like Minecraft.

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