Street Fighter X Mega Man is Coming Because Why Not

Sometimes I’m really confused when it comes to Capcom. They seem like they’re struggling for relevance and have made some very confusing public relation moves in the last few months (not to mention the whole “on-disc DLC” debale) but they still manage to pull off the occasional moment of brilliance.

A prime example of this is Street Fighter X Mega Man, where the Blue Bomber will be taking on the cast of Street Fighter in a free PC download coming on December 18 (Mega Man’s 25 birthday) to Capcom Unity. Check out the trailer below!

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3 thoughts on “Street Fighter X Mega Man is Coming Because Why Not”

  1. I don’t even know how to feel. This seems more like something to honor Street Fighter than Mega Man and making it PC only kind of proves that, as Mega Man was always home on consoles.

    Why, Capcom? Just…why?

  2. I agree with Anthony. Both Street Figher and Megaman don’t seem like a good fit for PC, not without a controller anyway. But for free, I’m pretty curious about it. Better have controller support.

  3. I caught this from Game Informer within the last few days, and was intrigued about this being PC only. I might give this a download and see how it plays but I agree with both you guys on this. It’s hard to know what to feel about this.

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