More Details Leak About Bungie’s Shooter, Destiny

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Poor Bungie just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to their new top-secret Activision published shooter, Destiny. The studio has purposefully gone dark about it since Halo: Reach landed, but the world at large seems determined to foil their plans. While the accidental reveal of Destiny’s release schedule during the Infinity Ward vs Activison trial was an unfortunate side effect, this latest leak stems from a reader who passed the information along to IGN so it’s much more deliberate in nature.

The story of Destiny takes place 700 years from now, with mankind living in the shadow of its Golden Age, surviving in a settlement known as The Last City on planet Earth. A strange alien orb known as The Traveler hangs over Earth in very low orbit, and creatures from beyond the edge of space are trying to wipe humanity off the map. The player takes the role of a “knight”, tasked with pushing back the alien hordes. While some might say that Bungie is going back to the thematic well, Destiny is set to take a more fantastical approach than Halo, aiming to be “fun and accessable” according to the document obtained by IGN and is “designed for your inner seven year old”. While the document doesn’t confirm or deny that Destiny will be an MMO as rumored, it does mention that the game is socially oriented and a large focus is put on exploration with your friends.

Bungie themselves went ahead and confirmed that the Destiny details were correct in a post on their site labeled “Well, that just happened…again” and posted another piece of artwork to go along with it.

What do you guys think of this? Feeling bad for Bungie all over again? What do you think about Destiny’s story?

Sources – IGN, Bungie.Net

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4 thoughts on “More Details Leak About Bungie’s Shooter, Destiny”

  1. I feel really bad for Bungie and how all their info has come out so far. Kudos to them for just coming out and saying it’s legit, many companies would have just done the “We don’t comment on rumors and speculation” statement.

    The back story they’ve provided sounds interesting, looking forward to hearing more about the game.

  2. As I’m sure you could tell from my tweet, I am REALLY excited by that concept art. I trust Bungie that the game itself will be good, so to see some pretty pictures to give an idea of what to expect thematically is joyous. The line “designed for your inner seven year old” just sealed it for me. Roll on more info!
    On the point of more info though, it does suck that they got screwed over again. Am I feeling bad for them? Not overly. This has been great publicity for them and seems to have garnered a positive response so why should I feel sorry for them receiving praise? 🙂

  3. On the one hand, I feel bummed for Bungie trying to keep things under wraps and just having that go down the drain with outside forces ruining the build up of excitement they wanted gamers to have. On the other, I’m veeery interested to see what Bungie’s potentially next great title is.

  4. Man, I just want to know what this thing is. While I hope it’s not a subscription service of any kind, I do like the thought of a fantastical/sci-fi approach to some of the themes that Bungie has proven they can do well.

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