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If you’re lacking a subscription to Game Informer, have no fear: with every cover story there’s a million sites on the Internet willing to round up the juicy information for you. Such is the case with Grand Theft Auto 5, which VG247 has been kind enough to do a write-up on.

Rockstar’s next installment in the GTA series will take place in Los Santos, of GTA: San Andreas fame, and will feature three playable characters this time around. Trevor, Franklin and Michael will be availible to switch into almost all the time, each with their own backstory and motivations. They each have unique skills, so for example if you want to fly a plane, Trevor is the only on in the group capable of doing so. While having to jump into specific characters just to fly a plane might get annoying, the fact that you can switch characters on the fly might help ease the pain of doing so.

One of the benefits of having three characters is that there’s always a story mission ready to go. Instead of doing a bunch of side tasks to unlock the next plot quest, you can jump into one of the trio and get going on any of their individual objectives.

Los Santos is also reported to be the biggest open-world in a Rockstar game so far, bigger than Red Dead’s map, Liberty City and the old San Andreas combined. While Rockstar has said that recreating the whole of San Andreas on this scale wouldn’t be feasible, they’re doing their best to make Los Santos and the surrounding area both visually stunning and fun to get around. Expect the melee combat and gunplay to be tuned up this time. With Max Payne 3 showing that Rockstar can actually make a mechanically sound shooter, I’ve got high expectations for GTA 5 in this regard.

So, what do you guys think of Grand Theft Auto 5? Does it sound promising? Are you still burned by GTA IV? Do you think this game would have been better served by waiting for the inevitable next generation of consoles? Will it ever come to PC?

Source – VG247

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5 thoughts on “Grant Theft Auto 5 Info Hits the Web”

  1. “Los Santos is also reported to be the biggest open-world in a Rockstar game so far, bigger than Red Dead’s map, Liberty City and the old San Andreas combined.”

    That may have killed my interest in the game. The big problem with Grand Theft Auto IV for me was that navigating through Liberty City was such a pain in the ass. Why does your game world need to be so huge? Bigger is not always better, as we saw in the last entry in the series.

  2. @Eddy,

    Especially when the design of the city is not fun. It always made more sense to use the highways and bypass the city proper. Not great design.

  3. As a die-hard GTA fan, the size of this world….interests me…

    Anthony, you’re right. Liberty City in IV was not fun at all. For me, it’s the same reason I wouldn’t want to live in a big city in RL, they’re fun to visit, but I just don’t enjoy them for a long time. I like living out in the country. So…I think that’s where the rest of the world will come in. From the screenshots we’ve seen, the rural areas look beautiful. That was part of the reason San Andreas was so appealing to me, you had three decent size cities, but you also had the outskirts of each to roam around and escape to. Being confined to a city in IV just wasn’t my style, especially since they’d done the same city two times before (III and Liberty City Stories).

    Also from a big GTA fan point-of-view, the fact that there are three playable characters worries me. Call me old-fashioned, but I just don’t like switching to this. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Especially the fact that each one has different “skills”. That’s part of the fun of GTA! You’re supposed to be the freaking man, able to do anything! I don’t know, maybe my opinion will change after I play it. Either way I’m still stoked for it.

  4. @Eddy, At least in GTA IV you could hail a cab and jump right to the missions. I hated San Andreas because even though the world was “bigger”, it was filled with back country and mountains and a bunch of useless space. It was my least favourite entry in the series, and it’s my biggest concern with V.

    I was disappointed with IV, especially with the Rockstar Club crap that came along with it for PC, but I’m kind of curious about this one. It’s certainly not a day one purchase (even though I’m sure all the reviews will be 10’s the day before….) but I will wait and see what happens.

    And like Mitch points out with Max Payne 3, they’ve shown they can make a decent shooter. Let’s hope that plays a big roll over all in presentation.

  5. @Julez, that’s probably the part of IV that I was grateful for. I dunno, my interest is peaked but I doubt it’s a day 1 buy for me as I’ve not played a GTA game in quite some time. Too many other great games coming out, as we’ve hit what I refer to as “Gamer Christmas”. I’m looking forward to Bioshock Infinite being released like a week and a half after my birthday. That’s gonna be a good month for me. I didn’t mind San Andreas’ level design too much, but I do agree with you on the useless space in the back country areas. Trees, trees everywhere. Brown scale coloring too.

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