Halo 4 Roll Call

halo 4 roll call

We’re a day late on this one, but who can blame us? Halo 4 is finally out, riding a wave of excellent reviews. I beat the campaign on Heroic last night, and I have to say that 343 Industries did a fantastic job. I was a bit worried about how Halo would fare under their stewardship, because new things are always scary, but hot damn did they pull it off.

To start, the game is freaking gorgeous, whether it’s the exquisitely rendered cutscenes or the in-game visuals. This is the best a Halo game has ever looked, and it still manages to feel like Halo despite the new flourishes 343i put on their designs. The voice acting and the story are very strong too, as the Chief and Cortana’s relationship gets fleshed out like never before. I seriously got a little emotional at the end of the game, and I wonder where 343i will take the Reclaimer Trilogy next.

There’s so many things I want to talk about regarding the campaign, but it would all stray into spoiler city. I’m going to be checking out multiplayer and Spartan Ops tonight, both of which I hear are quite fun.

So what about you guys? Have you been playing Halo 4? Hope to pick it up? Do you have any non-spoiler thoughts on the campaign?

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5 thoughts on “Halo 4 Roll Call”

  1. I’m on the 6th mission, got a little busy today and couldn’t play but I plan on finishing it tomorrow. So far I’m loving it, I’ve always been a Chief fan and I love that they’re fleshing him out more. Also, multiplayer is awesome.

  2. Finished main camping yesterday, and finished up the first episode/season of the Spartan Ops/Halo:Infinity. This game is so good 343 did such a good job working on multiplayer right now. I hope we can get Halo 4 spoiler cast soon.

  3. I finally got mine today (thanks Amazon) I’m going to reserve judgement on the campaign for now but Spartan Ops is great. If anyone fancies a game or ten my gamertag is Hexagen

  4. Gah, I got it on release day but I didn’t have too much time to play it yet. I’ve only finished the first two levels but I like it so far.
    I really like the new HUD and the little helmet border. That’s really nice and a bit more immersive.

    Also, what really surprised me was that the german dub (Yay, I can’t play it with the original dub -.-) is actually quite good. I’m glad they didn’t save money there. (They got a few dubbers there that are usually doing voices for rather popular actors. 🙂 )

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