Halo 4 Review Scores Reach for the Heavens

halo 4 reviews

While Halo 4 is a still a few days out, the review embargo for the game lifted in the wee hours of the morning. I remarked on Twitter the other day that removing the embargo for the game so far in advance of its release meant that Microsoft and 343 Industries must have been plenty confident in their product.

Turns out that they have every right to be, because Halo 4 is cleaning house when it comes to reviews. The reviews I’ve read for the game so far have been glowing, and have maxed out my hype meter. I’ve tried to restrain myself, but the critics haven’t been able to and it’s kind of infectious. Here’s a sampling of some of the scores:

So yeah, Halo 4 has apparently ousted Bungie is the minds of the reviewers. While Bungie’s legacy will always remain, I’m happy to see that 343 Industries has managed to carve out their own territory within this well-worn franchise.

The only negative aspect of Halo 4 that I’ve heard about is that some parts of the story might be a bit too complex for people who haven’t read Greg Bear’s Forerunner Trilogy and the plot relies a little too heavily on hidden terminals for backstory. I haven’t read those books myself, but I always enjoy item hunting and as long as the combat is tight, I’ll forgive them this one misstep.

Now that the review scores are out in the wild, how is your excitement for Halo 4 faring? Reaching a fevered pitch? Has it perhaps chipped away at your armored resolve not to get the game?

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8 thoughts on “Halo 4 Review Scores Reach for the Heavens”

  1. Wow. I was worried the change in hands from Bungie to 343 would result in an average product, but these scores are great. It’s good to see the Halo franchise is back in action.

    Now, please, Microsoft, get Gearbox to make us a stellar PC version!

  2. My excitement for this game is stupid at this point, I’m so excited to return to the Chief and Cortana, and maybe some of dat multiplayer.

  3. I’m quite bummed, I’m probably the only Sushian here who doesn’t have a 360. This game seems like A LOT of fun. I’m with @trogador on this, get on that Microsoft!

  4. @ playersbro, I share your pain. I REALLY want to play this. And I approve of trogador’s idea too. I still play Halo: CE on my PC.

  5. ERMAGERRD!!! Those certainly are some glowing scores! I was already wildly excited for this game, but now I’ve lost absolutely every shred civility I had over waiting for this game, heads will roll if they endanger my coming to enlightenment.

  6. I’ve sadly been out of gaming for a little bit but this might just bring me back into it, probably only for the single player though.

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