Minecraft Tops Call of Duty on XBox Live

Minecraft 360

So Minecraft just surpassed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on the list of most played XBox 360 titles. Say what?

For those of you familiar, Major Nelson, Director of Programming for XBox Live, releases figures every month about the most played titles on Microsoft’s platform. Typically, these lists are ho-hum affairs, teaching us that mankind will generally settle for mediocrity, even years later. Sometimes there will even be two or three separate Call of Duty games all in the top ten for the month, a figure that still baffles me. But no matter how you slice it, Call of Duty always reigns supreme in some fashion.

But not so in October 2012, when Minecraft 360 overtook Activision’s beast and cast it down to the number 2 spot. This strikes me as something ridiculously significant. Say what you will about Minecraft’s longevity, and whether or not it’s a gimmick, and if it’s better on the PC or the 360 — but a game created (for the most part) by one man just topped last year’s biggest title as the game with the most users logged (single or multiplayer) on XBox Live. How is that not incredible, no matter your thoughts on Minecraft?

It’s a brave new world, gents. Does anyone else think this is pretty cool? Who’s played the 360 version of Minecraft? Who wants to hate on Call of Duty or defend it? Have at it in the comments.

Source – Major Nelson

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4 thoughts on “Minecraft Tops Call of Duty on XBox Live”

  1. On PC this would be a “well this sounds crazy, and yet reasonable” moment; on Xbox this would be a “holy #$%#ing @##$ man!?” moment.

    This is actually nuts.

  2. This is awesome, I’ve always loved Minecraft, and it’s greatness is only outlined in bolder ink now than ever before, the fact that it has achieved this beast a feat only serves to restate how amazing both it and Notch are. My faith in humanity has been somewhat restored.

  3. It’s not that I hate CoD, I just don’t like what it’s become. It’s nice to see that a game like Minecraft is getting this kind of notoriety, albeit YouTube is what really blew it up. I like Minecraft, I just don’t have quite the amount of time to invest in it like I used to with Garry’s Mod back in the day. Still, faith in humanity, restored slightly. Good on you Mojang!

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