Total War: Rome 2 is Looking Super Impressive

One PC gaming series I’ve always admired is Total War, mostly because of its adherence to large scale, semi-historically accurate battles. Last year’s Total War: Shogun 2 took us back to medival Japan, and for the next installment, Creative Assembly is taking another crack at classical antiquity with Total War: Rome 2. A recently released video from the developers showcases the upgrades they’re making including the new cinematic camera.

The fact that this game is just pre-alpha is kind of astounding and I can’t wait to try out the finished product. Total War is one of those series that makes PC gaming really shine. What did you guys think of the video?

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One thought on “Total War: Rome 2 is Looking Super Impressive”

  1. This and Bioshock Infinite are my most anticipated games at the moment. I think Rome 2 may even be the more coveted release of the two. I mean, just LOOK at how good the game already looks. They’re really getting the whole “sense of scale” nailed down. Shogun 2 didn’t click with me as much as Rome 1 and Medieval 2 (my favourite of the series) did, but the co-op campaign was fantastic. Better than Medieval 2 Kingdoms’ hotseat campaign anyway! If there was a 4 player co-op campaign for this, that would be astounding. Additionally, considering how they’re trying to tie in politics more into the campaign makes me even more excited. Maybe they’ve been reading some ASoIaF? In that case, roll on Medieval 3! Just to get the more accurate aesthetic.

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