XCOM: Resisting the Temptation


Do you ever have one of those games show up on your radar so suddenly that it just kind of takes you back? Like, you’ve got all your priorities lined up, you know where your time is going to go for the next few weeks, and then out of nowhere, you get Falcon Punched by some game you hadn’t even paid attention to?

That’s the case with me and XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the new turn-based, tactical role-playing military game from Firaxis. For some reason, I had no interest whatsoever in XCOM for the last year that I’ve been hearing about it. I really can’t tell you why. But then, people started raving about it just a week or two ago. Then they raved more. And harder. We’re talking glowsticks in the air like you just don’t care kind of raving, from all corners of the gaming press.

You can’t help but take notice when that happens. Then I did that thing that we gamers do, when we get on the slippery slope and say that we’ll just read one review or watch just one video of something, just to get our feet a little wet. And then you discover that the game has all kinds of personalization, like naming your team and leveling them up. And you find out how fun the strategy combat looks. And about some of the cool abilities your team gets as the game rolls on. You know, the wonderful stuff games are made of.

And now, dammit, I want to buy XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

So now, a couple of questions: do you guys ever try to resist the temptation to learn about a new game that people are talking about? Who here is getting XCOM? And what is the deciding factor that gets you suddenly interested in a snap decision like this? Go!

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3 thoughts on “XCOM: Resisting the Temptation”

  1. This is my MO. When a new game or system comes out and I am not ready to buy it, I: A. Dig my head in the sand and B: Troll it as much as possible in a vain effort to convince myself that it really sucks and everyone else is just stupid.

    It only works for a little while.

    Having resigned myself to getting XCOM, I am just trying to make it to Xmas.

  2. In general, if something looks interesting to me and looks like it’s worth my money, I’ll rent or buy it and play as far as I will. I used to pretty much line up how I was going to spend my time based around what games look the best and how much buzz and commotion and stuff like that, but it doesn’t really work for me anymore. Makes gaming more like a chore, I guess.

    X-Com looks pretty awesome, and I really liked the old game. I might get it if I still feel like playing it once I have the money.

  3. Coincidentally, I’ve been really apprehensive about Black Ops 2 up until I saw the Zombies info and trailer. That was basically the moment I said, “Shit. Treyarch got me.”

    As for XCOM, it was already on my radar and I had know a bit about since Game Informer did a cover story on it. Needless to say it was a “DO WANT” for me. I preordered it on Steam and since release have been enjoying the hell out of it. Once I get my bearings on the game a bit better, my Steam ID is playersbro if you’d want to have a go at a multiplayer match. You’ll probably kick my ass at it, haha. It’s all in good fun though, and isn’t that what gaming is supposed to be about?

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