Take Up Ten Minutes of Your Day with SimCity Gameplay

One of the major reasons I upgraded my PC recently was to ensure that I would be able to enjoy the upcoming SimCity in all its simmy glory. It’s been far too long since we’ve had a proper entry in the series (the last being SimCity 4 in 2003) and this game looks like it will bring back all the fond memories I have of completely mismanaging my city because I’m really bad at financial planning.

There’s ten minutes of SimCity gameplay footage to watch, though, so go on. Take a look.

What do you guys think? Will you be getting the new SimCity?

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6 thoughts on “Take Up Ten Minutes of Your Day with SimCity Gameplay”

  1. That looks pretty cool, I’ve never played a Sim City game, but this has me really interested.

  2. oh my god… I could see me spending so much time on this O.o

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention Mitch

  3. Makes me ponder a day when a game like SimCity would be the 59.99 title, and games like The Sims, Farming Simulator, or even Mafia would all be “DLC” that was made on the same engine. Build a city, zoom into a house to customize your family, then hop out into your third person shooter and take on the law. Break out of prison (the one you designed), go into hiding (duh, secret farm), and buy a tractor (in pre-order John Deere Green)! Imagine the mods!

    Looks sweet!

  4. I agree with @holyfrijole and @Anthony on this, this short bit of gameplay takes me back to the days I used to spend on the old Sim Citys, Like Sim City 2000. This game would successfully steal many hours of my life.

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