Ten Years of Battlefield

battlefield 3 tenth anniversary

If there’s any franchise that I have an unrequited love for, it has to be Battlefield, DICE’s multi-arms warfare FPS. It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s been ten years since 1942 introduced us to an almost new style of gameplay with wide-open playgrounds and a multitude of vehicles. When you look back at the release dates for the Battlefield games, they actually came out at a fairly fast clip (one every two years for the most part) but the wait between each game felt like a long time to my young mind.

My favorite game in the series is a tie between Battlefield 2 and 2142. It’s kind of funny to look at my stats for both 2 and 2142 because it felt like I played them for hours, when in reality I’ve spent more time in Battlefield 3. Battlefield 2, 2142 and Bad Company 2 were all played in groups with friends, with the numbers slowly dwindling over time. As people move on and computers get more expensive to upgrade (for some of us), my BF crew got whittled down to myself and my friend Chris, with occasional guest appearances by Eddy and his brother.

While Battlefield is best played with friends, the game still offers up plenty of sublime moments even if you’re playing solo. No Battlefield game is perfect (by any means, all of them have been heavily patched and still launch with some pretty glaring flaws) but DICE is up to the challenge of balancing and fixing their games, sometimes completely changing the way the game feels and plays.

Do you guys have as long and storied a history as I do with Battlefield? Anything to say on its tenth anniversary? What are you hoping for in the future of this franchise? Go!

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3 thoughts on “Ten Years of Battlefield”

  1. Wow no love here?

    My cousin and I played a ton of 1942. It was some of the best memories I have of gaming ever. I didn’t care for 2142 at all, but I did play 127 hours of Bad Company 2 online (thinking of reinstalling…) BF 3 took me about half an hour of playing (once I got it working) to really dislike. I know the game would be awesome, but the fact that I can’t play it on Steam and that it launched through Internet Explorer completely ruined the experience. Probably would have been better on a ps3 with a mouse & keyboard.

  2. I’d recommend coming back to BF3, the new patches and the Armored Kill expansion have really breathed life back into it. There must be a way to choose which browser Battlelog launches in…

    But yes, I do miss Bad Company 2 sometimes. As much as the rampant Carl Gustav abuse and shotgun bush Wookiees made me rage, that game was a hell of a lot of fun. It had a more arcadey feel and people were actually playing every class, not just Assault/Recon with the occasional Engineer like in BF3.

  3. Yeah, other browsers would launch Battlelog, but you had to set it as your default browser and Chrome wasn’t supported so it was a bit of an inconvenience to reset my default browser every time I wanted to play the game. And yeah the Armored Kill expansion looked sweet I just couldn’t get use to Origin which is by far my biggest complaint.

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