Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Trailer Sneaks Out

Wow. Nobody does a trailer quite like Kojima-san. The newest piece of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Ground Zeroes, was announced last week at a Kojima event, along with the existence of a Metal Gear Solid movie. At the event, a secret trailer of Ground Zeroes was shown to the attendees — so naturally, that’s leaked everywhere now.

The (ridiculously gorgeous) trailer focuses on a prison camp, and a mysterious figure who visits a prisoner there. While it’s a long sequence, the last couple of minutes actually treat us to some gameplay — and, according to reports, the gameplay has now been transformed from the typical MGS model into more of an open-world stealth game, built around escape if your stealth attempts fail. It’s an interesting departure in terms of gameplay, one that holds a lot of promise to shake the series up a bit.

I think the most striking thing about the trailer (apart from the fact that you’re back in the shoes of an older Big Boss) is how beautiful the whole thing is. Running in-engine, the visuals are pretty unbelievable. Supposedly, Ground Zeroes will see its release this generation, not next. I’m not sure I believe it.

So what do you guys think? Does Old Big Boss still have some sneaking left in him? Do you think this is actually meant for this gen? Go!

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7 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Trailer Sneaks Out”

  1. I am curious to see what it looks like sunny, you can do all kinds of visual tricks at night and in rainy weather, in full daylight its harder to mask the level of detail of distant objects. the game does look pretty though, and I like the idea of an open world stealth game.

  2. That’s Big Boss? But… It looks like it’s set in a time suited to Old Snake… Cannot… compute…
    Wait, it’s MGS… Like anything NEEDS to be logical in that game!

  3. [quote comment=”19837″]Maybe four or five PER ROCK.


    And seventy-five discs for “The Rock”

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