A Hero Awakens in Halo 4’s New Vidoc

Hey, it’s been a while guys, but I’ve been busy with…stuff. Let’s not look to closely at my flimsy excuse, and rather take a gander at the new Halo 4 ViDoc from 343 Industries, which is, in a word, hot. Halo 4 is looking pretty good, and this new trailer does an adequate job of building the hype.

After 343’s attempts at cracking Halo into other mediums, I was a little concerned that they would have the chops to pull off a sequel to Bungie’s blockbuster series, but my fears are being slowly put to rest. I’ll reserve my final judgement for when I actually play the damn thing, but for now consider me on board. What do you guys think of Halo 4? Is this a must have?

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2 thoughts on “A Hero Awakens in Halo 4’s New Vidoc”

  1. I was really excited before, but this makes it unbearable. Unlike some who write him off as a robotic FPS protagonist, I absolutely love Master Chief (granted I’ve read the books as well, some of which he stars in). When they got talking about how to approach the hero’s journey when the Chief was already a hero and all of that that’s when I knew 343 know’s where to take the story of Halo. The bond between Cortana and Chief has always been one of if not my favorite part of the series, and the fact that this one is centered around those two has me stupid excited. November 6th can’t come soon enough.

  2. Thanks for the post, I love seeing the behind the scenes stuff. Not a fan of the series but this one really looks good for the right reasons.

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