CS: GO and Source Filmmaker Make a Beautiful Match

Yikes. Been a bit quiet around here at GamerSushi, what with everyone busily working on their backlogs and preparing for the fall blitz. One bright spot in a not-so-surprisingly dim summer of gaming is the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which just graced monitors and TVs around the world this past week. It’s the first game I’ve played in a month or so regularly, and I find myself itching to jump into it almost every night. It feels like a great mix between Source and 1.6… and just feels like Counter-Strike again, which is hard to quantify, but easy to recognize once you experience it. And this is a good thing.

Even cooler? Valve’s treatment of CS: GO with Source Filmmaker. For any of you Leet World fans, you can imagine that this kind of caused some collective jaw-dropping with that particular gang. Lots of jaw-dropping indeed.

So, who out there has CS: GO? Drop your Steam name in the comments and let’s have some fun.

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6 thoughts on “CS: GO and Source Filmmaker Make a Beautiful Match”

  1. I’ve never played CS before (cue gasps) so I’ve been having a blast playing it. For some reason I’m stupid good at Arms Race, and I win or take second place nearly every round. Add me (Drell Assassin) Sushians.

  2. Oh how I love this game. And I love me those Molotovs :D. Very good look at the power of Filmmaker, this is kind of what every match on Nuke goes like in my head.

    JRMichaud on Steam. Same avatar as on this site.

  3. Steam name is Trogador. Really digging CS:GO. Man, I would kill to see a TLW short filmed in GO.

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