Planetary Annihilation is Real Time Strategy on a Solar Scale

Someone in the comments will probably point out how many times I’ve spoken ill of Kickstarter, but before you do that, let me take a moment to talk about Planetary Annihilation, a new Real Time Strategy game from the minds behind Supreme Commander.

There’s a trailer/pitch video for you to watch, but to be honest, the trailer part of it alone might sell you. Games like Supreme Commander are a rare breed, especially as the sequel was streamlined into a generic RTS. The original game was a massive battle between a bunch of different races on a huge scale, and Planetary Annihilation blows that out of the water. If turning asteroids into weapons of mass destruction sounds good to you, give the trailer a watch.

All I have to say is: yes, please. The art style and the mechanics really speak to me, and unlike a lot of recent Kickstarters, the folks at Uber Entertainment actually have some concept video to go with their pitch to let you know that they’ve already started working on it. What do you guys think of Planetary Annihilation? Does this look like something you could get behind?

Source – Planetary Annihilation

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2 thoughts on “Planetary Annihilation is Real Time Strategy on a Solar Scale”

  1. I do really like the art style and it’s great to see some actual stuff from the game (especially for me hearing from the audio department). I just wish I played RTS games. I’ve never played one that grabbed me and I’m mostly afraid of them, kind of like MMO’s.

  2. I think it looked like a cute Red Alert style game. I bet it would do well, especially if they keep the worlds very dynamic and really try to 1 up how you play the game. The whole bit with using the astroid as a weapon, that could make for some CRAZY multiplayer games. I think it would do well, but I feel like the kick starter numbers are not going to make it.

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