After Aperture: Chell’s Life Beyond Portal 2

And here we go, more good stuff out of Source Filmmaker. Created by my bud Zachariah Scott, After Aperture is just what it sounds like, a short piece about Chell after she escapes the infamous lab that specializes in portal science.

The description of the video on YouTube notes a few limitations encountered during its making. For one, Chell’s model doesn’t have a ton of facial animation possibilities, seeing as how the player is never meant to see her directly. So that certainly presents a challenge in terms of shot selection. Despite that, it’s definitely a nice piece, although it is just a bit of a preamble to another project that Zachariah is working on, one that I think will outclass it by far. Enjoy!

Thoughts? Got any other awesome stuff you guys have seen in SFM yet? Go!

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4 thoughts on “After Aperture: Chell’s Life Beyond Portal 2”

  1. Oh hey, I know Zachariah Scott. I admit that I was a little critical about the animations at first but then I read about the limitations he encountered.

  2. Ahh, I remember stumbling on the old fan art in the rain with the exile song playing from an embedded player. It was my wallpaper for a long time. This was awesome, all limitations aside.

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