The Old Republic Will Add Free to Play Option This Fall

star wars the old republic free to play

This wasn’t the MMO people were looking for, it seems, as not even one year after release, BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic will be adding a Free to Play option to entice players to either give the game a shot or just re-up the account.

BioWare also revealed that they are increasing the frequency of their content drops, adding in a bunch of new stuff between now and the Free to Play launch. New companions, such as an HK-51 assassin droid, warzones and space combat mission are expected.

To clarify, The Old Republic will still have a subscription option in addition to the Free to Play method, and paid customers will earn “Cartel Coins” based on how long they’ve been paying, or if they bought the collector’s edition, things of that nature. Cartel Coins can be used to purchase exclusive vanity items, such as Darth Nihilus’ mask and a party Jawa pet.

Considering that almost every month since The Old Republic’s release has seen at least a couple articles about how much trouble that game is in, I’m not surprised that a Free to Play option is coming in before the game’s first anniversary. Will it get people to actually try the game? I’m certain that the price tag is right for some, but the lack of a viable end-game will cause the numbers to drop off again.

That’s just what I think though. Is Free to Play just what the doctor ordered for this struggling MMO? Will you actually play the game when it goes free?

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4 thoughts on “The Old Republic Will Add Free to Play Option This Fall”

  1. for me It really depends on whether or not my friends are playing it. If I don’t know anyone I tend to not play it, especially if it is not free to play. I will however be playing Guild Wars 2.

  2. I almost caved in earlier this year, thankfully I didn’t. I’ll definitely check it out when it does go f2p. Should be fun.

  3. I’ve been playing this game consistently since day one(I have three characters at level cap and 2 more halfway there) and I hope F2P gives it the shot in the arm it needs. The past few updates of the game have been fantastic and have added so much replayability to the game, and future updates look promising. And best of all, F2P players will get to experience the game’s awesome class stories and the best leveling experience in an MMO. I’d definitely recommend my fellow Sushians that they check it out once it goes on sale for $15.

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