Poll: Most Anticipated August Release

The dog days of summer are still on us but things are starting to look up a little bit. I’ve been using this time to work on the old backlog and things are progressing nicely on that front. However, even I am getting antsy for something new and fresh to arrive and this might be the month for it.

Aside from the usual August arrival of Madden NFL Football, we also get the Wii’s last gasp, The Last Story and even a GTA-clone that shows promise in Sleeping Dogs. Both of which are on my radar. Indeed, I have already purchased The Last Story and anxiously await its release date. Guild Wars II is also coming out, if anyone still likes MMOs. Check out the poll below and let us know what August release you are most looking forward to!

Most Anticipated August Release?

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5 thoughts on “Poll: Most Anticipated August Release”

  1. I’m actually pretty excited for Madden. Sure it’ll be more of the same but the online franchise things I have been seeing will occupy me and my friends for a while. Not to mention it’s nice to throw a sports game into your rotation and take a break from all the shooting.

    I wasn’t excited for Fall of Cybertron very much until I played the demo. I enjoyed the first one but its going to come down to multiplayer to warrant a buy.

    I can’t believe Darksiders II isn’t out yet. I feel like I have been seeing commercials and advertisements for it for the past 6 months.

  2. I voted Darksiders 2 but only because I’m currently playing the first one and I may pick it up.

    I’m still working through a backlog which thanks to PS+ getting even crazier with free stuff is worryingly large. I find it helpful to just pretend no new games are coming out.

  3. [quote comment=”19732″]What, no New Super Mario Bos. 2?


    Half of what Ubisoft is paying you!

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