Let it Snow with the Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Trailer

Oh, Battlefield 3, what a strange relationship we have. First I liked the game, then I hated it, and now I like it again. Fanboyism is a fickle beast (just ask BioWare and Blizzard), but as long as DICE keeps making quality expansions, I’ll be happy. Just don’t ask me about Battlefield 4.

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming Armored Kill DLC, thundering your way in September. Snow maps, everybody!

I think I posted on a Halo: Reach DLC trailer that I never expect the games depicted to turn out the way the trailers advertise, but with Battlefield, I can totally see everything happening. Charging through a rocket barrage while helicopters, jets and gunships clash overhead is just a normal game in BF3. What do you guys think? Excited? Sick of my roller-coaster affair with Battlefield 3? Come at me, bro.

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4 thoughts on “Let it Snow with the Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Trailer”

  1. Yes, DICE, you do amazing trailers.
    And with GAMEPLAY footage.

    I hope this bring BF3 up again for me. I really lost interest after the recent patch, Premium and now that BF4 beta thingie.

  2. Holy @#$%. This is better than any single player campaign trailer for any Modern Warfare or Battlefield game I think I’ve ever seen, and its multiplayer for gods sake. THOSE ARE ALL OTHER HUMANS. This looks incredible. Maybe I’ll have to buckle up and give BF3 another go.

  3. Man that trailer makes me crave a Battlefield 3 Machinima. I’m gonna go look around for some right now O.o

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