Borderlands 2 Will Judge How Badass You Actually Are

borderlands 2 badass ranks, customizable skins, golden chests

Guys, we are getting actual news™ out of San Deigo Comic Con, and I am so excited. I thought that we were going to be dead in the water until September, but I’m glad to have been proven wrong.

If any of you played the original Borderlands, then you may remember the challenges the game presented you with as little notifications that popped up and then quickly went away. It was a small distraction, but most of us probably never paid attention to them beacause they weren’t that well integrated. Borderlands 2 looks to change that with Badass Ranks, which will incentivize players to complete challenges by giving them new ways to beef up their stats.

For every Badass Rank you’ll get tokens, and those tokens can be used to improve your character in various ways. The best part is, improvements gained from the ranks carry over your account, meaning that if you give one character +10% to health regeneration or something, every subsequent character you create will have that ability. It’s a great way to promote replaying the game without feeling like you’re starting from square one every time. Of course, purists can turn off both Badass ranks and the buffs if they so desire. Badass Ranks sound like an awesome addition, but that’s not all.

Also new to Borderlands 2 are the golden chests, which can only be opened with, what else, golden keys. The golden keys will be difficult to earn (you get them through pre-order bonuses, signing up for the Premier Club site, etcetera) and once you use one, they’re gone. Gearbox is being coy about what exactly the chests contain, but it had better be good, given that the keys will be rare, one-use items.

On top of all this, Borderlands 2 will feature much more customization that the original, where all you could do was palette swap a couple pieces of clothing. If you want your Gunzerker to wear a fedora while sporting a pink unicorn shirt in Borderlands 2, you can do it.

I think Borderlands 2 will be a hit, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it in September. I think that the majority of the GS staff is going to be playing the PC version, so look for us on Steam. What about you guys? Willing to prove how badass you are?

Source – Polygon

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9 thoughts on “Borderlands 2 Will Judge How Badass You Actually Are”

  1. I’m casually optimistic about this game. I think it sounds like fun. I didn’t have enough people willing to play the first one to do anything co-op at all, which is apparently where all the fun is at.

  2. Seriously, though, I played Borderlands 1 a lot, and I don’t relish the idea of playing 2 on my computer with my current setup. All you guys are jerks.

  3. I was a casual fan of Borderlands 1, and it seems they are taking every complaint I had and fixing it, along with adding tons of new features. I really love that this game is striving to be so different and how it’s carved its own niche. I’ll definitely be picking it up on Steam, so I could fill the void left by Jeff if need be lol

  4. Played the hell out of Borderlands 1 on the ps3 before I traded it in awhile back, and am currently contemplating getting it during the steam sales. This is just making me more anxious for its release.

    Btw great image Mitch

  5. I’m rather excited about Borderlands 2. I enjoyed the first one a lot and hearing what 2 has in store is really making me say shut up and take my money. I can’t wait for September.

  6. Oh man, cannot wait. I’ll be playing on Steam too. It’d be great if I could play with some of you guys.

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