Two Ways to Play Dishonored

One of the most anticipated games of the fall just happens to be one we had no idea about until just a few months ago. Bethesda and Arkane Studios’ newest property, Dishonored, promises to bring stealth and action gameplay in the vein of Deus Ex while adding an atmosphere and magic system more akin to Bioshock. The mash-up of all these things is something that is certainly exciting, and something that I’m looking forward to like crazy.

Lucky for us, then, that Bethesda has just released a couple of videos detailing how a player can tackle the same section of the game through various means. The stealth video features choke-outs, body possession, teleporting to sneak around your targets and all kinds of other goodies. Meanwhile, the action video features time-stopping, brutal knife kills and whirlwind-attacking targets straight through windows. So yeah, they’re kind of cool. Check them out.


Action video is after the jump!


While I normally view these kinds of demonstrations with a grain of salt as a marketing ploy, I do have to say that showing two unedited 15 minute sections of the game with just a little bit of commentary is a nice way to do it. It’s awesome to see the world and the game in action. So I guess, yeah, the marketing might have worked on me. What about you guys? What did you think? Go!

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  1. It looks quite good. My only concern at the moment is just how the art style is going to turn out. I like the stylistic choice, but in its current form it looks like it could do with some work. But as long as the gameplay is good and the missions are fun and varied, I’m on board.

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