Indie Game Receiver Shows You How to Work a Gun

One thing that most shooters gloss over is the fact that guns are fiddly little things, prone to failure as often as function. There’s more that goes into the operation of firearms than your average FPS player would suspect: it’s not just point-and-click, there’s a whole myriad of things you need to check before you can start cappin’.

As part of the 7 Day FPS Challenge, indie studio Wolfire Games created Receiver, a cyber-punk game where it’s just you and your trusty 1911 A1 versus a swarm of robots as you uncover a conspiracy. Maybe I’ll just let the walkthrough explain:

For a game created in seven days, the depth of the gun mechanics is pretty impressive. A bit more work would have obviously helped polish the game but as it stands right now it’s a pretty cool take on the FPS genre. The way that the gun commands light up as you progress through them really helps you learn how to get a gun ready and I appreciate all the small details such as being able to do a brass check. What do you guys think of Receiver?

Source – Wolfire Games

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3 thoughts on “Indie Game Receiver Shows You How to Work a Gun”

  1. The coolest part about this trailer is it reminded me to check out Overgrowth, which I had seen for a brief second in Indie Game: The Movie.

    I really like the tapping forward to sprint for those dramatic jumps. Very cool.

  2. Woooooh this actually got me very excited… I definitely think that it should be revisited and made into a larger project. I am delighting in the idea of a blade-runner esque neo-noir sexyness.

  3. These challenges are getting more and more common especially for students because its a good way to learn about working under pressure and showing off talent. I was lucky enough to attend (sadly not enough time to enter) a 3 day game-jam run by Epic over here in the UK, some really interesting content comes out of these things.

    Kudos to Wolfire they’ve shown they can do some good work.

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