New Old School Final Fantasy Coming in July

I am the resident Final Fantasy fanboy here at the GamerSushi offices and while I enjoy the newer, fancier entries in the series, I always look back more fondly on the games from the good old days, when 2D was the standard and people were okay with random battles. Those days seemed like they had gone the way of the dodo, never to return.

But Square Enix, in a rare attempt to please its fans rather than disappoint them in a way that seems to induce terrible fan-fic, has announced Final Fantasy Dimensions, for the iOS and Android. Bringing us back to SNES days, with Active Time Battle and yes, even random battles. Take a look at this small snippet of gameplay:

[youtube width=”500″ height=”310″][/youtube]

What do you think? Does the old girl still have her charm? Am I the only that is going to buy this? Comment, dear friends!

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6 thoughts on “New Old School Final Fantasy Coming in July”

    Well, I’m assuming Anthony and I aren’t the only ones liking the look of this.

  2. Definitely needs some spit and polish, sprites look odd to me and menus look a little overly spaced out – but I’m just nitpicking. Can’t say I’m that psyched about the return of random encounters, but if Square can recapture the feel of Final Fantasy VI, I’m all in.

  3. Wow! I just might pick this up! I’ve always had complaints about smartphone gaming; mainly, that the allure is completely gone and that experiences are watered down, but I bet Square can pull it off.

  4. As someone who’s now spending time going back to play old classics that I never got when I was a kid (FF II/III, Lufia, Chrono Trigger) I’m definitely into this kind of game. However, I really don’t want it on a touch screen device. Tapping a screen just isn’t fun to me, which is why the only thing I play on my android is Cribbage… lol.

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