Ubisoft Debuts Impressive new IP: Watch Dogs

In a day of big news all across E3, the biggest news perhaps came at the end of Ubisoft’s wacky, boob-showing, animal killing, eSports-toting conference. With a move that surprised everyone, Ubisoft unleashed an unannounced new IP titled Watch Dogs, a cyber-punk inspired open world game that looks like Assassin’s Creed meets Shadowrun meets Grand Theft Auto IV.

It really is hard to put into words what makes this (gameplay) demo so impressive, so I think you should just watch it for yourselves. Ubisoft gave no indication of a release timeframe or even a system, but the visuals make it out to be something that might even be next generation.

The most impressive part was the way everything was inter-connected, and all the tools the player has at his disposal. It’s hard to figure out if the end was a hint for multiplayer, but the possibility sure is exciting.

What are your thoughts on Watch Dogs? Go!

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4 thoughts on “Ubisoft Debuts Impressive new IP: Watch Dogs”

  1. HOLY S**T THAT WAS COOL! They ending could have been a hint for multiplayer or that mobile devices/ipads that players own can be used to inhance the game like the mass effect app that effected your military level in ME3. If this game does good they should make a game based on the tv show Person of Interest. That what I was thinking the whole time I was watching this.

  2. It’s like I said before and this is exactly want I wanted. Amazing looking game, a new IP, announced out of nowhere and it’s easily the best game of E3 2012 so far for me (although Beyond and Last of Us are also looking great, more new IP!)

    Screw sequels man, sure there’s some okay looking stuff coming sequel wise but the new IPs are where it’s really all at.

    Pretty much saved E3 for me, not even kidding.

  3. Sorry for double post but this is what I originally said:

    [quote comment=”19382″]I would like to be surprised and excited by games that are new and original, things we haven’t heard any tease for and have been a very well kept secret for many years of development.

    Boy oh boy does this tick all those boxes (Ubisoft confirmed its been in development since 2010).

    All my wishes came true! I am so excited and have been oh so hyped ever since watching it live.

    This better not end up sucking.

  4. Hm, I thought I watched an interview with the team that created this game a little while ago? I didn’t know it was unannounced. It’s going to be very cool I think, seeing some gameplay was great.

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