The GamerSushi Show, Ep 50: Drunk Cast Redux

gamersushi show episode 50

We’ve been teasing it for weeks and now we’re finally here: the big Episode 50 celebration, the Drunk Cast! I’ll skip my usual jokes about the absence of friend of the show Nick Comardo and just let you enjoy the craziness.

This is also our E3 2012 predictions show, so we manage to squeeze in some forecasting about what the big three and the publishers will do next week. We also talk 38 Studios, Infinity Ward’s redonkulous salaries and Bungie’s contract with Activision. In addition to that we have a couple bro-downs and Eddy not so humble-brags about his accomplishments over the last year.

By this point you’ve probably stopped reading and are listening to the cast, but don’t forget to rate it on iTunes when you’re done. We’ll see you all post E3 for The Hangover Cast 2.

Podcast links:

Red versus Blue Season 10, Episode 1
Leap Motion demo

0:00 – 5:00 Intro
5:01 – 6:15 Last year’s pre-E3
6:16 – 11:55 Motion control/Drink topics
11:56 – 19:13 38 Studios Money Issues
19:14 – 25:30 Infinity Ward salaries and bonuses
25:31- 34:59 Bungie’s deal with Activision
35:00 – 37:50 E3 2012
37:51 – 45:39 Xbox vs PS home entertainment
45:40 – 46:56 2012 Exodus
46:58 – 53:03 Nintendo at E3
53:04 – 53:59 Anthony’s new pc
54:00 – 57:20 Sony at E3
57:21 – 1:01:36 Valve at E3 (?)
1:01:37 – 1:05:56 Publisher predictions
1:05:07 – 1:08:37 Outro

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5 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 50: Drunk Cast Redux”

  1. I feel like I should give a bigger synopsis instead of my intial fainting attack that I posted earlier.

    I was most excited to hear about the predictions of game releases for E3. On the topic of Half Life: Episode Three, didn’t Gabe say something about release a third game to ONE of their series? May just be a hoax, but I wish Valve would just kill all this anticipation aleady.

    Bungie & Eddy?! Dude. Amazing. Sorry to hear not getting the gig, but still GamerSushi is pretty legit.

    Whenever I heard “friend of the podcast, Nick Commardo”, I almost choked on my shot. Seriously, there should be a warning label attached to these podcasts.

    Overall, not a bad cast. There was a bit more overtalking in some sections, but I was surprised with how well everyone kept the past coherent and fluid despite having to deal with Mitch and Jeff’s budding alcholism.


  2. Great episode. On the subject of Valve, they’re definitely still working on Episode Three/Half-Life 3, but they just aren’t talking about it. In 2009 or so there was a nice stream of info: concept art, an ASL professional being hired on, etc. But they have been in the dark.

    They also have another IP they’re likely working on; in the book The Final Hours of Portal 2, they recall a point in 2007-8 where they wanted to focus more on game ideas rather than actual games, and so they split the whole studio into cabals which presented different game ideas. One of those proposed ideas, F-STOP, is still being withheld by Valve as a possible new IP.

  3. Love drunk casts. Although I found it surprising to hear Jeff say PS3 was his entertainment console of choice. I use mine for Blu Rays and for Blu Rays only. I can’t stand the interface of the PS3 and I’ve always found the 360’s layout much preferable.

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