Among the Sleep Might Give You Nightmares

This unusual first-person horror game has been making waves recently, so it kind of behooves me to post it here for all of you to see. The game is called Among the Sleep by an indie studio that goes by the name Krillbite and in it you play a two-year old child who encounters monsters after everyone else has gone to sleep. Krillbite recently put up a short gameplay video, so check it out!

I’m not a big fan of horror games per se, but the concept might be enough for me to check it out when it releases. What do you guys think of Among the Sleep? Is it on your radar now?

Source – KrillBite Studios

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5 thoughts on “Among the Sleep Might Give You Nightmares”

  1. Looks like it could be like Amnesia. I look back and ask myself, “How did I beat that game”?

  2. I still haven’t played Amnesia. It’s been sitting in my Steam library, installed, taunting me to scream my head off. This game looks interesting, but the trailer was pretty anticlimactic. Maybe I’ll be able to handle this one!

  3. If it has a part where you have to go to the basement then run back up the stairs because something is chasing you count me out.

  4. That’s gonna have to be one huge house or I’m going to get really bored, really quickly.

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