Bioware Reconnects with Fans over Dragon Age’s Future

Dragon Age 2

It seems that Bioware is in hardcore recovery mode these days. As much as I am still in love with this studio, it’s hard to deny that they haven’t made some missteps as of late — and have taken their share of lumps as a result. From the puzzling changes of Dragon Age 2 to the controversial end of Mass Effect 3, this once untouchable RPG producer is now back against the ropes in terms of their relationship with fans.

So it looks like the next step for them is to stop and take stock of Dragon Age and what it means to fans of the franchise. Bioware is going to take a few months to ask a number of questions about where they would like to see the series go — what places they’d like to see in Ferelden and beyond, what races they want to know more about and what kinds of things they’ve been dying to explore.

While this just appears as normal community management from Bioware’s perspective, it also seems like a bit of damage control after the reactions that the company has gotten over its last couple of titles. Although Dragon Age: Origins saw much critical acclaim, Dragon Age 2 is generally regarded as a step backwards in terms of the franchise’s scope, setting and themes. I know I’m just speculating here, but it really looks to me like Bioware is floundering a bit in terms of the direction it wants to take Dragon Age in the future. Obviously, what they’re doing here isn’t amounting to gameplay or story promises — but I do prefer artists to have a much more clear vision than they’re putting on display here.

What do you guys think? Does it look like Bioware is struggling here to reconnect with its fans? Or are they just doing their due diligence to make Dragon Age 3 as good as it can possibly be? Go!

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7 thoughts on “Bioware Reconnects with Fans over Dragon Age’s Future”

  1. I’m sure they have an idea about where they want to go, but right now Bioware really needs an olive branch, and this can help. Although I enjoyed DA2, it wasn’t as good as the first and the world of Dragon Age is too ripe just to take place in one city.

  2. They are humoring the fans, giving them the perception of being in the driver’s seat. If they actually don’t know how to go forward, that’s a shame. You can’t please everyone, so please yourselves and hope everyone bites into it. They had the formula right for a long time, don’t fuck it up now by asking passer-byers to throw ingredients into the mix.

    At least now if the fans aren’t happy, they can quote posts and say “Look, we asked and gave you what you wanted! ElleElleKuleJeh69 wanted FrostPandas!”

  3. Drell Assassin really summed up my thought on it. I think as long as they listen to the criticism directed at DA2 and act upon it then they should be fine.

  4. Also Eddy thank you for not using the phrase “artistic integrity”. I think if I see/hear that phrase one more time in the year 2012 I might go on a rampage.

  5. Eddy, please do! Think about it: You would cement your status as the greatest troll on Gamersushi of all time…

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