Beyond Good and Evil 2: What Do You Expect from Next Gen?

Beyond Good and Evil 2

For years, fans have been clamoring for a sequel to Michel Ancel’s cult classic, Beyond Good and Evil. Even though the game didn’t enjoy huge commercial success, it’s developed quite a following from those that experienced this sci-fi adventure set in a truly engrossing world. A couple of years back, Ubisoft teased those of us that have been dying for a follow-up with a short CGI trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2, but since then, rumors of the game’s cancellation and subsequent re-start have been in wild circulation.

Where does this game actually stand? Last week, some new details popped up in a video interview with Michel Ancel, which was then translated at NeoGAF. Apparently, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in active development — for next generation consoles. Since then, even more news has come to light, first in the form of leaked screenshots, but then in the form of a leaked environment video, showcasing some of the game’s settings.

Naturally, for fans of the first game and hopeful purchasers of a sequel, it’s exciting to finally hear something about this title. But the above video has brought about another discussion entirely. Even though this is early footage from 2009 on current gen hardware, devoid of AI, crowds and other behind-the-scenes ingredients that all contribute to the hardware requirements of a game, there is still a bit of frustration that the above video can’t being to pass for “next gen”. Browsing through comments and discussions about Beyond Good and Evil 2, it’s interesting to note that people’s expectations have ratcheted up at the idea that this game will have some extra power behind it.

Which begs the question: what constitutes a next gen showing? Will it be graphics? AI? Something new going on in the background that we’re still unaware of? In my mind, games are already at a point where I don’t care if they look better or not — I want them to feel more alive, to flawlessly render bigger and more breathtaking settings, to show me characters in ways that they never could before.

But that’s just my opinion. So now I’m asking you guys: what do you expect from next gen? And is anyone else excited about Beyond Good and Evil 2? Go!

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  1. um, from what I understood back in 2009 they were still gunning for current consoles not next gen which would explain why the graphics, which still look good in my opinion, look like they would run on a PS3/360. I really hope we see/here something from them at E3.

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