Minecraft for Xbox LIVE Breaks All Sales Records

minecraft xbox 360 sales

Just a few weeks after Trials Evolution shattered the sales records on Xbox LIVE, the Arcade version of indie PC darling Minecraft came and dumped a bucket full of Creepers on RedLynx’s success.

Just under a day after its official release, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition became the highest selling title on Xbox LIVE, with the leaderboards tracking some 400,000 players according to Major Nelson’s blog. While there are no exact sales figures available, a tweet from Notch, the owner of the company behind Minecraft, revealed that this version of the game was profitable in an hour.

It’s not all sunshine and roses though, as the makers of FortressCraft are a little bitter about Minecraft’s success on the platform that their game previously dominated. The website for FortressCraft suffered a pretty serious DDoS (Dedicated Denial of Service) attack on the same day that Minecraft hit Xbox LIVE. The man behind FortressCraft, Adam Sawkins, then went on a Twitter rant, saying some disparaging things about Notch, the Minecraft community and the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Any thoughts on all this craziness? How many copies do you think they sold to be profitable in under an hour? What do you think of the FortressCraft backlash? Go!

Source – Major Nelson, Notch and Eurogamer

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4 thoughts on “Minecraft for Xbox LIVE Breaks All Sales Records”

  1. I think the Twitter rampage is uncalled for. Plain and simple. It’ll just make them look bad and make Mojang look better.

  2. Adam Sawkins…As far as I know, that guy was being a dick saying that Minecraft was not going to make the same impact as FortressCraft.
    Well, crap, FortressCraft was a clone of Minecraft for the xbox.

    And now he’s ranting?

    That’s pathetic.

  3. It’s hard to believe just how many copies this game has sold. You figure anyone that already wanted it would have picked it up by now.

    And yeah, I agree that it’s pretty class-less of the guy to accuse Notch of something like that. Especially after creating such a derivative game in the first place.

  4. I’m a little surprised at the sales, but then again, I had minecraft fever for quite some time. A little of the magic has worn off, but there’s something about the world that keeps me going back, just to basically do the same things over and over again.

    I don’t understand the twitter thing, but poo on anyone who poos on Notch.

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