The GamerSushi Power Rankings Update, Week 2

Trials Evolution

One of the newest features of GamerSushi would be the Power Rankings page, wherein we pit the games of 2012 against each other every few weeks or so, in order to see who is leading the chase for that coveted top 10 spot. We’re pretty excited about updating this regularly, and we think it’ll be fun for you guys to get involved. Heck, your comments might even sway our rankings for the next go around.

Anyway, we’ve just given the page its first update, and there is already some moving and shaking going on.

Over the course of the year, titles will of course dance, hop and plummet, but it’s hard to imagine very many games doing a 6 game leap like Trials Evolution did between updates. For the uninitiated, Trials Evolution is worth every dollar or Microsoft Point that it’s listed for, and we can say this without hesitation. We’re still desperately trying to challenge one another’s ghosts, and I imagine this will continue throughout the year. And until then, it’s going to be hard to top Trials’ spot as King of the Hill.

Other notable changes: As fantastic as Journey’s experience is, it just couldn’t maintain its number 1 spot with such little replay value. Yes, it’s worth playing again, but it’s not the same as jumping into Mass Effect 3 night after night and trying to get enough money for that Premium Spectre Pack.

So take a gander and tell us what you think of our current rankings of the games of 2012. Agree? Disagree? Care to challenge our Thunderdome? Go!

The Power Rankings

Last updated: 05/07/12
1 Trials Evolution +6 Trials Evolution
Vaulted to number 1 by being crazy addictive. We’re still trying to beat each other’s ghosts.
2 Mass Effect 3
If you’re wondering why this is still number 2, you clearly haven’t played a Krogan Battlemaster.
3 Final Fantasy XIII-2
A JRPG we want to replay because of its gameplay? Zounds.
4 -3 Journey
Great experience, but lack of replay value has dropped its standing in the rankings.
5 Fez
Seen Jeff’s review? This game is legit.
6 -2 Xenoblade Chronicles
Dozens of hours in and still a blast.
7 -1 Twisted Metal
Multiplayer’s still fun, but the single player has some issues.
8 +1 Kingdoms of Amalur
It’s like Fable, but fun!
9 -1 Zombies, Run!
As fun as this app is, let’s get real — its days are numbered in the top 10.
10 The Darkness II
Still more Darknesses.

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7 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Power Rankings Update, Week 2”

  1. [quote comment=”19230″]I have played NONE of these games.[/quote]
    Remedy this.

  2. [quote comment=”19230″]I have played NONE of these games.[/quote]

    And therefore you should play ALL of them.

  3. I haven’t played as a Krogan battlemaster, but my human infiltrator is pretty awesome. Capturing objectives in the blink of an eye.

    I’ve got to get
    Trials the way you guys have been raving about it.

  4. Agreed! Try these games out everyone. Skuba, what are you playing if you aren’t playing these?

    And yes, Nero, you really must give Trials Evolution a shot. It’s been awhile since I’ve played a game so addicting.

  5. Makes me psyched to play FFXIII-2. I picked it up at Best Buy for $10 the other day! Still have Arkham City to make it through first, though, and the nostalgic (yes, 3 years ago can be nostalgic!) Demon’s Souls to make my last run through 🙁

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