GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?

Dear Esther

It’s been a little over a month since we asked this wonderful question of you fine readers: what are you playing?

As we’ve come through the spring, we now hit that nice little lull that allows us gamers to catch up on the things that have been eluding us for quite some time, or perhaps take a shot at titles we wouldn’t normally try out. Sure, we’ve got Max Payne 3 and Diablo III on the way, but generally speaking, the summer is a nice relaxing (or boring, depending how you look at it) time when we get to play what we want, rather than try to stay on top of an unclimbable pile of games.

Myself, I’ve got a baby to contend with these days, so it makes my gaming time limited to quick little bouts of Trials Evolution when I’ve got a few spare seconds, but in the near future I hope to dive into MGS HD and Team Ico HD. But before that, I’ve set my sights on two indie gems: Fez, which I’ve already begun playing, and Dear Esther, a curious title that has really captured my imagination over the last week. It’s actually downloading as we speak, so I’ll be sure to report in on my thoughts of the game soon enough.

So what about you guys? What are you playing this fine May?

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20 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?”

  1. Now that my coursework is done me and the guys are playing SO MUCH League of Legends. In fact I slapped down £20 on the game so I’m getting close to this state:
    In non-LoL related news I plan on getting a bit of Arkham City in between bouts of revision for exams. I also plan on finishing Dead Space 2 and to start Dear Esther.

  2. Get this: I dusted off my old XBOX (no 360).

    I’m doing a speed run of Fable: The Lost Chapters with my little cousin. I got her Fable 2 and 3 for her birthday next week(since now her parents think she’s old enough to play them).

    She’s a little bummed that the Hero’s male (she can’t play dress up, Thank God). But she loves using Beserker Rage and Time Slow to kick chickens across towns.

    She relies on me for the annoyingly tough parts (Fist Fight Club/Pub Games/Earning gold so she can go shopping).

  3. Despite the good reviews, I was less than impressed with Dear Esther. It was pretty, sure, and at times thought-provoking, but overwritten and kind of boring. As an indie experiment, it’s excellent. As a game, not so much.

    @Skuba – Sounds like someone’s been on Steam. I just downloaded Arkham City myself ($15!) and Dead Space 2 ($5!) a little while ago. Loved DS2, by the way.

    As for me, the aforementioned Arkham City is taking up some of my time, as well as ME3 multi-player, which I’m really only playing to see the “perfect” ending, as I’m not having much fun with it (sorry, I know you guys are into it). Also, as Demon’s Souls starts its swan song, I’ll be visiting Boletaria this month for the last time…at least the last time the way it’s meant to be…and crying every time I see the “Demon’s Souls servers are going offline forever on May 31st” message.

  4. Dp, thanks for the thoughts on Dear Esther. I’m not expecting a lot out of it but a nice short experience, so I’ll be curious to see if I find it overwritten and boring as well. As I indicated in the post, I don’t have much time at the moment for long experiences, so the idea of playing a movie-length game is super appealing to me.

  5. My SWTOR obsession continues. After getting a second level cap character last week, I have started another one that is already level 23. I’ve also been playing bits of my second playthrough of the Witcher 2.

  6. Got my grubby hands on the Guild Wars 2 beta last weekend…that’s all I got done that weekend. After moving into my new place I’ve sadly slowed down with gaming more or less completely although I plan to jump back on Portal 2 now that Steam workshop and the map editor are in.

  7. Still clearing through the backlog. Currently playing Dead Space 2. I’m over 30 and I still find the game scary. I have to remind myself “it’s just a game, it’s not real, there are no such things as monst-AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! What the #@*$!!!” as I empty my clip…great…Now I have no ammo…FML….

    Next up is Bastion and Rayman Origins. Those two will hopefully be a lot less tense.

  8. Ever since you did that free to play post, i have been playing Tribes Ascend as my main course. I have also thrown in a little bit of Just Cause 2 here and there but with only 1 month until graduation, i have been trying to keep my grades up which really limits the amount of games i can play.

  9. Getting back into ME3. For some reason I stopped playing not long after I got it, maybe some sort of subconscious reaction to the furore over the ending. But I’m over that now, really getting into it. Even the multiplayer, which I usually avoid like the Plague

  10. @Eddy – Let us know what you think. Like Minecraft, Dear Esther is one of those games that I feel more disappointed at myself for not enjoying, rather than disappointed at the game.

  11. @Weasel – You like scary? DS2 certainly freaked me out, but make sure to give Amnesia a try. I literally have to stop playing that game after an hour (maybe I make it an hour) because it gets too nerve-wracking.

    Oh, and I, too, am over 30.

  12. I have been hitting up BF3 for the 360 and NHL 12 as my primary games. I bought Arkham Asylum for $6.80 when it went on sale, so Ill be playing that soon. If its anything like Arkham City, it should keep me very interested 😀

  13. Yeah, Dear Esther was quite the disappointment I felt. It was beautiful for the first 5 or 10 minutes, but your might as well load up Half-Life 2: Lost Coast.

    I’ve reinstalled Fallout 3 and playing the crap out of that, along with building my first few Portal Test Chambers. Nothing published yet, just learning and playing with it. It’s incredibly accessible.

    Other than that, the usual CS 1.6 with the gunfriends, Minecraft with the girlfriend, and lately a lot of Tetris tournaments on the old SNES with the roomates and friends. Pretty sweet lately.

    Now waiting for Max Payne 3…

  14. I’ve gone on an old RTS binge. I love me some Age of Empires 2 and 3 and Empire Earth.

    My friends and I play League of Legends a whole bunch. Right now, I’m developing my skills by PvPing solo (my friends are higher summoner level than me, so it skews the skill). I love LoL, the best part being that it’s free.

    Finally, my friend lent me Mass Effect 3 and it is EXCELLENT. The combat and customization are top-notch, the writing is as engaging as ever (although the first few hours seemed cheesy since Shepard was like “GOTTA FOCUS ON DA ROOPERS.” but that didn’t last too long), and it was really cool seeing the ruins on Tuchanka. I still hate EA and DLC and I’m sure that ending will be worse once I get around to it, but the main meat of the game is fantastic.

  15. I’ve been playing the shit out of minecraft, which is weird, since I hadn’t touched that game since December. I’ve also been playing a lot of Splinter Cell. The first game is actually pretty good, but Chaos Theory is still a blast to play. Haven’t gotten too far in Double Agent yet, but it seems like a more streamlined, prettier Chaos Theory.

  16. @dp – Thanks for the suggestion. Its not that I like scary games. It’s that I think I’m brave enough to play them. Once I start playing them I realize I’m more like Scooby and Shaggy. I looked into Amnesia and it looks pretty intersting. I’ll definitely be giving that a try. Thanks, dp.

  17. @Skuba: I tend to play squishier AP’s, but my friends & I are still trying to figure out what my playstyle is. lol So far, I like Ahri, Vladimir, and Fiddlesticks, and I either go top or mid. Once I learn how to jungle better, I’m gonna take Fiddlesticks mid more.

  18. @ Cossack, that’s pretty nice. I play top (Wukong usually) and sometimes play AD Graves or Support Alistar. I hope never to face you top lane, because Vlad Top pisses me off to no end! 🙂

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