Reveal Your Shame: Games You Never Finished

games you never finished limbo

While it’s true that the majority of the video game playing masses don’t even come close to finishing games, I think it’s a point of pride among some sections of the population to finish every game we come across. Indeed, I’m kind of infamous around the GamerSushi offices for getting 100% completion in almost every game, so it shames me to say that there are some games I don’t manage to beat.

My most embarrassing failure is Limbo: that’s right, the amazing downloadable game from 2010 is on my list. I got to the tire puzzle in the industrial section of the game and got stuck there long enough to lose my flow and stop playing. Along my gaming career there have been plenty of other games but this is the most egregious.

What about you guys? Any games you didn’t finish? Go!

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  1. Worst one…Modern Warefare. Never beat it. Its probably the BEST one in the series too. I went into the game playing single player, but then when my friends got it, multiplayer from there on out. So I never beat the darn thing. Such a shame too. Worst bit of it all, I no longer own the game. 🙁

  2. I never like leaving a game unfinished. The only times I walk away are when people spoil the ending for me. My best friend brought his girlfriend over when I was finishing up the Suicide Mission on Mass Effect 2 and she spoiled the reveal about The Collector General/Harbinger connection. I turned off the 360 right there and said, “Well, I guess I don’t need to see the rest of the ending.”

    It was a good two months until I went back to finish it.

  3. I feel your pain Mitch, I didn’t finish Limbo as well after getting stuck on a particularly infuriating puzzle.

  4. Red Dead Redemtion yes I know its a great game and I am very far in the game I just lost some intrest after the ending got spoiled for me and the fact that I worked so hard for the special hunter outfit and I can’t put it on for some reason.

  5. I never finished New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I just did NOT like that game. I got about 3/4 in and just stopped playing. I don’t regret it either. I DO regret not finishing Skyrim yet. I’ve gotten pretty far, but since then I’ve re-rolled.

  6. Oh man, so many to choose from…Chrono Trigger might hover somewhere near the top of the list – it’s one I’ve perennially picked up again but never managed to beat. But it’s in good company with Chrono Cross (abandoned about the time Anthony stopped posting on his playthrough), Final Fantasy IX (finally attempted to play last year but never got hooked), and Final Fantasy XIII (interrupted by RRoD). Oh, and A Link to the Past, Half Life 2 Ep. 1, Fallout 3…dang, I’m worse about this than I thought.

  7. I’ve never started so many games at the same time as I did this past year or so. I haven’t finished Alan Wake, BF3, Skyrim, LA Noire, Limbo, Prince Of Persia and a bunch of other “here and there” games. I need to go one at a time, soak myself in them, or this is what happens.

    Oh spoiled me, making finishing games sound like work =).

  8. Didn’t finish Limbo either! 😀
    Let’s see, the original Trine I got about 3/4 of the way through and never finished it despite how much I loved it. Alpha Protocol is still incomplete (although my laptop could barely run that thing even on low so I may download it on my PC when I have time). Hmm, what else *scrolls through Steam list*? I never completed HL2 Ep2 but I just finished Episode 1 on Thursday again, so I might make a start on that next week when I’m back at Uni (my PC is at my accomodation, good thing really or I’d get nothing done at the weekends!). Same with the original Deus Ex, with human Revolution, Skyrim (the latter two I may just get on PC and start over) and, of course, FFXIII. I really dislike that game though, so it’s unlikely I’ll ever finish it or VII. I may try to finish IX though. After exams…

  9. Two unfinished games that come immediately to mind are Grand Theft Auto IV (actually, the only GTA I’ve finished is Chinatown Wars…thank you, quick trip!!) and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The former because, among other things, the game insists on making you drive back to the mission whenever you fail, which is extremely annoying, especially when the driving isn’t so tight. I’ve just never really liked those games. The latter is because it just got monotonous. I played DE:HR for around 20 hours, got to the boss who cloaks herself and runs at you, died a bunch of times so quick that I watched the load screen longer than actually played the game, and decided that was enough for me, but honestly I was bored before that.

    @benign1 – I would actually consider FFIX one of my favorite FFs (after XII). I thought it was refreshing to have such a likable group of characters after the angst-ridden VII and VIII (both of which I enjoyed). Also loved Chrono Cross, but never finished Chrono Trigger.

  10. Wait, you never finished Limbo??? The final sequence is what solidified that as one of my favorite games of that year!

  11. [quote comment=”19173″]Yeah, I never beat it. I also never beat Half-Life 2: Episode 2. You may commence your boo-ing.[/quote]

    Am I the only one of us who has played through all of HL2 and the episodes? Wow.

  12. @JJ

    If by “You” you’re referring to the GS staff, then it basically takes away from everything they say and do here, based on the Valve fans around here. Shame. Shame on you (them).

  13. I consider myself a big RPG fan and two games that I haven’t finished and am embarrased to admit are Baldur’s Gate and Knights of the Old Republic – I have no excuse. I’m a bad person.

  14. LA Noire up until last night, many, many, many Command and Conquer games, Final Fantasy XIII (not regretting), and Halo 1 and 2 (shame :'( ).

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