Prey 2 Delayed, Devs Slammed by Bethesda

prey 2 delayed

Prey 2, the “sequel” to the 2006 sci-fi FPS (has it really been that long?) has been in hiding for a while, having not come up for air ever since the Bounty trailer dropped almost a year ago at E3. There were rumors floating around a couple of weeks ago that the title went gently into that good night, but a statement from Bethesda confirmed that the game is alive and well, and will be released next year.

That’s not all though, as the remarks from Bethesda lean a little heavy on blaming the developers flat out for the delay. These types of PR statements are usually pretty flowery and try to make the problem seem like it’s not a big deal, but Bethesda gets a little brutal. I may be reading into it a little bit, but you can judge for yourselves:

“Development of Prey 2 has not been cancelled but the game will not be released in 2012 as planned. The delay is due to the fact that game development has not progressed satisfactorily this past year, and the game does not currently meet our quality standards. Prey 2 has shown great promise and we regret disappointing our fans. We have made a substantial investment in game development to deliver the experience fans want. We are determined only to release the AAA game that fans rightfully expect, and are unwilling to compromise our quality standards to meet a release schedule.”

The part about game development not progressing satisfactorily is what makes the message sound a little hostile to me. Again, I may be off in my assumption, but it sounds like Bethesda isn’t too happy with Human Head Studios. What do you guys think of Prey 2’s delay? Does this delayed release date bode ill for the game? What do you think of Bethesda’s comments? Pray tell, dear reader.

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6 thoughts on “Prey 2 Delayed, Devs Slammed by Bethesda”

  1. I really don’t know how to take the statement. It does come off as quite hostile, but unless the game REALLY deserved that scathing description, I can’t really blame Bethesda for wanting to protect us from a crappy release. Having said that, I never fully trust a developer unless their name begins with “V” and ends in “alve”, so maybe there is a more sinister side to this story.
    The gameplay footage really impressed me so I’m hoping it does eventually come out and I don’t mind waiting a year or so if that’s what it takes. It reminds me of Deus Ex Human Revolution a bit. It took another, 6 months of development? Right? So if it turns out like that then delay away, it’ll be worth it.

  2. I was not that big of a fan of the first game. I didnt end up finishing it, I got too bored with it.

    As for the letter, I think its both. I think its just typical “save your butt” stuff pitched in with a little bit of passive aggressive “get your stuff together Devs” thrown in.

  3. @ Skuba I feel like I waited for Deus Ex: HR forever, was it really only 6 months… Once?? It was definitely worth it. So was HL2. But, just think about what HL3 / EP 3 would have to be to make up for the “delay”…

    You’re right, I’m kidding. It’s going to change modern science and advance evolution ;).

    Bethesda’s got it.

  4. @ Julez, now that you mention it, I think it may well have been longer and more than one big delay. Ah well, it’s out now. 🙂
    We’ll forget all about this incident when it comes out.

  5. I actually like what Bethesda have said, It gives a small look at publisher/developer relationship and it’s nice to have a publisher being brutally honest for a change.

    Call me cynical but i feel it’s seemingly been a positive piece of marketing for an otherwise forgotten game.

  6. While the structure of their press release appears professional, the message it carries is anything but that. Publicly humiliating the dev team isn’t going to make them work any better. If anything, it sows animosity and encourages reprisals from the workforce (usu. in the form of work slowdowns or quitting en masse). Unfortunately, the developers can’t publicly defend themselves without compromising (spoiling) the game as developed thus far.

    The real cockup would be if the final version of Prey 2 still sucks and the gamers point back to this statement and say “We’d been had!”

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