God of War: Ascension Trailer Goes Back to the Start

Strange how these trailers come in waves; first we had the Dishonored trailer and now God of War: Ascension (which was leaked early, to no big surprise) is making its landfall. Ascension apparently tells the story of Kratos before he became the Ghost of Sparta.

I’m not the biggest fan of God of War, but I know that it’s on the most widely-praised character action games of the last couple of generations so any news about a new title is a big deal. Are you guys excited about God of War: Ascension? How do you feel about it being a prequel?

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6 thoughts on “God of War: Ascension Trailer Goes Back to the Start”

  1. I dont have a problem with the God of War series, its pretty fun and the bad guys are cool. However, Kratos himself I could care less about. He’s a dick, theres really no redeeming qualities in him. I shrugged at the end of God of War 3, not really caring and hoping they would move on.

    I wish they would move onto a new mythology or at least do what Prototype is doing and have a new protagonist try and take down Kratos.

  2. Not really excited at all. The main games were really good, but after the first one they pretty much ceased to have a story. I’m content with the God of War gameplay I’ve already experienced, and a origin story puts me off even more about it. And weren’t the PSP titles prequels as well? Seems like a little bit of milking to me.

  3. I’ve yet to actually play any GoW game other than the first. I’ll have to get the remakes and GoW3 for cheap sometime. Anyhoo, without gameplay footage/representative of gameplay footage I cannot get excited… Yet…

  4. [quote comment=”19112″]A popular franchise being milked? Shocking!

    Lol I know right? I was taken pretty off guard as well.

  5. I’ll mostly agree with the comments here. I’ve only the 3 canonical games, loved 1 and 2, and while the third was enjoyable enough, it became kind of tired and predictable by the end. They should have let this one rest.

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