The GamerSushi Update: Don’t Worry, Your Eyes Are Fine

Welcome to a sort of new GamerSushi! And as the title says: don’t worry, your eyes are just fine. Things are, in fact, slightly different than they were before. This update is a bit more subtle than the last one, but it brings with it some section changes that we’re rather excited about.


Yes, the reviews section has been up for quite some time, but we’ve changed the way we assess games, yet again. You’ll notice that many of our grades have been shifted to reflect our new Grade Chart. The new chart makes a much better attempt at using the entire grading scale, one that’s more suitable to the games that people actually play. We noticed our reviews kept skewing higher and higher, and we wanted to remedy it.

Beyond that, the most notable addition would be the “A/S Nomination” designation, wherein games are up for an “S” grade that will be decided on later in the year. If they don’t get the “S”, they still keep the nomination, so to speak. Kind of like how a movie is forever known as an Academy Award nominee.

Waiting for this update has been the primary reason we haven’t put up any new reviews in a few months. Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll see a slew of regular reviews that incorporate this new scale.

GS Rankings

The Rankings page, while still in its early stage, will see lots of shifts over the course of the year. The basic idea is the same concept of a Sports power ranking, where every few weeks we re-rate the top 10 games of the year so you can see what’s in the running for the best of 2012. What’s nice is that over time, sometimes games fade away or haunt you, and this list will capture that. I think it’ll be a nice addition to the site, and will make for some good discussion.

There are some other subtle cosmetic things that Nick did, but that about sums it up for the big shifts. Praise the Beard for his good work. If you like it, that is. And I’m sure you will.

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9 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Update: Don’t Worry, Your Eyes Are Fine”

    Nice changes guys. This site is becoming more professional as time goes on and it’s really cool too see the gradual cosmetic changes. I love watching its evolution, it’s really cool.

  2. The Bearded One did good. Love the new grading chart too, look forward to some reviews.

  3. Something that I should also mention is that our reviews will be scaled back a bit in terms of length. They were getting a tad long for our tastes, which goes against the idea of “bite-sized” that we first started this with. They’ll look a bit more like our Uncharted 3 review ( – broken down into 3 critical sections where we give just a couple of paragraphs of thought.

  4. Very impressive, the changes are looking great and the reviews reshuffle sounds promising too.

    1. Well, the page will be constantly updated, so the comments would probably get pretty confusing. What we’ll end up doing is doing a post out here whenever we update it, and let you guys debate on that post!

  5. Looks good so far! Great work guys!

    Hey, by the way, shameless promotion here. If you guys need some graphical work done, Shara, my girlfriend, is a professional graphics artist. Feel free to ask 😀

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