The GamerSushi Show, Ep 46: H8 cast

What’s this? Two GamerSushi Shows in a row? We must be getting back on track or something. This podcast might mark Eddy’s last appearance on the show for a few weeks so I hope you enjoy basking in his video game knowledge and hatred of my silent treatment.

Yes, on this episode of the GamerSushi Show I was overcome with a fit of shyness and basically stopped talking and participating around the time when we start chatting about Max Payne on the iOS. When it came time to do the game Eddy was getting understandably frustrated with my lack of vocals and you can hear that creeping in at a few points, hence the title of this cast.

So yeah, listen, rate, be merry. Hopefully we can keep up this pace so you guys won’t have to wait too long for the next episode.

0:00 – 6:13 Intro
6:14 – 12:14 Six Minutes with Resident Evil 6
12:44 – 25:35 Halo 4
26:37 – 34:15 iOS vs Consoles
34:17 – 44:40 Xenoblade Chronicles
44:43 – 45:20 GAME TIME
45:23 – 49:28 Eidos general manager StĂ©phane D’Astous’ comments that New IPs are unnecessary as games become more sophisticated is _____.
49:34 – 56:54 Bethesda adding Kinect support for Skyrim makes you _____.
56:55 – 1:07:40 Industry vet Richard Browne saying the price of used games are variety and loss of single player makes him ______.
1:07:51 – 1:09:13 Outro

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4 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 46: H8 cast”

  1. Man, I came at you pretty hard a couple of times in the cast, Mitch. I think we’ve found your kryptonite: JRPG talk. I’ll keep that in mind when you get particularly chatty in the future.

  2. Wow Eddy why the hate? I’d be deathly silent in a conversation about JRPG’s, so I’m right there with ya Mitch.

  3. Sorry looking back it seems like my comment was condescending towards Eddy, which was not my intent. I was merely joking around. Damn text.

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